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  • The 2051 Daily Keg - The 2051 Brewski's

    The Brewski's

    The Daily Keg is excited to announce the 12th Brewski's award show. The selection committee has 'poured' over the season stats and excitedly announces the winners for the following awards, some serious...some not so serious. So without further delay here we go.

    Player of the Year

    RF Elias 'Clapper' Owen, WIL - When you break a single season record, even with it only being a few years old, you get our vote for Player of the Year. And good thing for 'Clapper' our vote is the only vote. This year he hit .299/.340/.408 with 2 HR, 23 2B, 38 RBI, and 96 stolen bases. The last one is the one that matters as Owen broke Chadd Chua's single season record of 93 he set in 2049. Before Chua, Richie 'Powder' van Luik had the record with 92 that he set in 2039. Before that it was Sunny Fulton who had 87 in the inaugural season of the BLB, way back in 1978.

    2030 winner: 3B Johnny 'Big Stick' Swope, SEA
    2031 winner: 1B Turell 'Two Ton' Morris, MAI
    2032 winner: 3B Johnny 'Big Stick' Swope, SEA
    2033 winner: C Ian James, SDR
    2034 winner: 1B Johnny 'Big Stick' Swope, SEA
    2035 winner: 1B Johnny 'Big Stick' Swope, CAL
    2036 winner: 1B Johnny 'Big Stick' Swope, CAL
    2037 winner: CF Rory Elia, CAR
    2039 winner: LF Richie 'Powder' van Luik, SEA
    2048 winner: 3B Chance Maki, MAI
    2049 winner: 1B Pat 'Melody' Nunes, PIT

    Hitter of the Year

    SS Dane Jennings, TOR - The 29 year old had an amazing season and put up an 8.2 WAR, which believe it or not is a drop from last year's unheard of 9.9 WAR season. I guess when you combine one of the best contact hitters in the league, with the best fielding shortstop in the league...well good things happen. This year Jennings hit .368/.390/.530 with 15 HR, 88 RBI and 22 SB, while putting up a +17.7 ZR at shortstop. He also helped lead Toronto to the DLCS where they fell to the eventual champion Patriots. Over his career he's a 3x Stout Slugger winner, been to six All-Star games, and is a 5x DWI winner.

    2030 winner: 1B Turell 'Two Ton' Morris, MAI
    2031 winner: RF Ron 'Vampire' Hutchison, HAR
    2032 winner: 1B Jermaine Williams, IND
    2033 winner: 1B Manny Quezada, PHO
    2034 winner: LF Fred Falloon, IND
    2035 winner: DH Ron 'Vampire' Hutchison, HAR
    2036 winner: CF Rory Elia, CAR
    2037 winner: DH Manny Quezada, WIL
    2039 winner: 1B J.D. 'Hurricane' Rice, BAL
    2048 winner: DH Robert 'Stretch' Jessee, TOR
    2049 winner: 1B Will Harper, PAW

    Pitcher of the Year

    P Dwan Tamarovsky, LAD - The fact that Philadelphia traded him away, along with three other players and a first round pick, for a rental in Tiernan 'Garbage' Parker...well we will let the readers decide. Since then though the 25 year old has become one of the most dominant pitchers in the league, and helped lead the Dinos to back to back titles in 2048 and 2049. This season he went 13-6 with a 2.08 ERA, 0.94 WHIP, and 193 ERA+. He did all that while missing a month with a hamstring strain and still finished third in the Pale Ale voting.

    2030 winner: Manabu Hamada, DEN
    2031 winner: Manabu Hamada, DEN
    2032 winner: Noel Graham, MAI
    2033 winner: Pat 'Baja' Arballo, WAS
    2034 winner: JJ Plumley, WIL
    2035 winner: JJ Plumley, WIL
    2036 winner: JJ Plumley, WIL
    2037 winner: JJ Plumley, WIL
    2039 winner: Barton Mejia, WC
    2048 winner: Andy Phillips, BAL
    2049 winner: Clay Watson, WC

    Rookie of the Year

    2B Darrell Petty, HAR - What a season for the 22 year old. Originally drafted in the 9th round with pick 196th, Petty was playing in AA last season. This year he comes up to the bigs where he hits .324/.374/.531 with 27 HR, and 77 RBI while starting 125 games at second base. He was the Domestic Rookie of the Year, a BLB All-Star, and the Designated Driver at second base. A star has been born.

    2030 winner: 1B Pat Walton, HAR
    2031 winner: 2B Alex Arana, SDR
    2032 winner: 1B Dave Perry, PIT
    2033 winner: 2B Tom Martin, NYK
    2034 winner: CF Rory Elia, CAR
    2035 winner: RF Robert 'Stretch' Jessee
    2036 winner: 3B Dawson 'Wedge' Davis, WC
    2037 winner: 1B Edgar Alonzo, WAS
    2039 winner: LF Davis Abbott, WIL
    2048 winner: 1B Sylvester Morwood, BAL
    2049 winner: CF Dennis Daley, PAW

    All-State Hands Award
    (Given to the player with the most total chances and no errors...who doesn't play primarily first base)

    LF Montay Kim, NYC/Paw - He played left field in New York before being traded to Pawtucket and finished out the season there in right field. Over the course of 148 games he had 306 total chances and never recorded a single error. The 33 year old from North Korea is now a free agent and is still one of the best corner outfielders in the league.

    2030 winner: RF Dusty Janson, DEN
    2031 winner: LF Jamie Hendon, NY
    2032 winner: CF Gil Banda, SEA
    2033 winner: CF Tom White, SDR
    2034 winner: RF Donnie Wilson, MON
    2035 winner: CF Mat Weir, NO
    2036 winner: CF Ian 'Viper' Lisch, NO
    2037 winner: CF Rick Watson
    2039 winner: CF Cayden Huff, WIL
    2048 winner: CF Jakob Lopez, WIL
    2049 winner: CF Alonzo Wiles, NYC

    Army Ranger Sniper Award
    (Given to the catcher with the highest runner thrown out percentage with a minimum of 50 attempts)

    C L.G. Clia, TOR - It's all about ability behind the plate, as the most skilled catchers in the league can make up for a lack of arm. Example...see Clia. The 24 year old is in his rookie year after being a second round pick by Toronto in 2047. He hit .301 with 8 HR and 51 RBI, but what made him even more valuable was his skill at catcher. His 8.0 ZR was the highest in the league, and he threw out 58 out of 148 base runners, giving him a RTO of 39.2%, best in the league.

    2030 winner: Micah Gordon, WIL
    2031 winner: Ian 'Pickles' James, SDR
    2032 winner: Landon McClelland, PHI
    2033 winner: Tristan Logan, SEA
    2034 winner: Dusty Akkerman, PAW
    2035 winner: Micah Gordon, PIT
    2036 winner: Sean Covington, SYR
    2037 winner: Jayden Dean, PAW
    2039 winner: Dave James, PAW
    2048 winner: Evan James, MON
    2049 winner: Kyle Burnett, PIT

    Frank Abagnale, Jr Award
    Given to the player who stole at least 30 bases and was caught the least)

    CF Hayden Wilson, MAI - In 64 attempts he was successful in swiping 59 bases, giving him a success rate of 92.2%. Not bad for a 34 year old who is on his fourth BLB team and was a 3rd round pick way back in 2038. Wilson though is known around the league for his fanatical work ethic and his instincts to steal bases, so this isn't a surprise to anyone.

    2030 winner: CF Pat Welch, BAT
    2031 winner: LF Akiyuki Kimura, MAI
    2032 winner: RF R.J. Kapper, PIT
    2033 winner: RF R.J. Kapper, PIT
    2034 winner: RF R.J. Kapper, PIT
    2035 winner: CF Seth Blankenship, SYR
    2036 winner: CF Marcos Savage, LAD
    2037 winner: RF Riley Thomas, SEA
    2039 winner: RF Gilles 'Mudcat' Rugiero, PHI
    2048 winner: 2B Joseph 'Bane' Garneau, CHI
    2049 winner: CF Alonzo Wiles, NYC

    Ludacris Award
    Given to the player who got hit with the most pitches)

    1B Jaxson Neal, Cal - Neal won this award in 2049 and he takes it home again this season. With 24 balls to the face (and body), he outpaced Pawtucket 3B Jericho Gurgenidze to go back to back. Neal leads all active players with 224 HP, and is 11th all-time in the category. At 33 years old he still has a few more good years of getting beaned, and only needs 68 more to tie the record set by François St-Laurent.

    2030 winner: 1B Geoff 'Mr. Reliable' Dail, MIA
    2031 winner: 2B Dave 'Bulldog' Bickford, NY
    2032 winner: 2B Tristan Hagen, HAR
    2033 winner: 1B Joy-shan Guo, BAT
    2034 winner: LF Benny Tatsuno, PIT
    2035 winner: 2B Hideki Nakayama, MAI
    2036 winner: RF Tony Chieregati, HAR
    2037 winner: RF Hyun-seung Bark, BAT
    2039 winner: LF Chang-hyun Kym, HAR
    2048 winner: 3B Jericho Gurgenidze, PAW
    2049 winner: 1B Jaxson Neal, TOR

    Broadside of the Barn Award
    (Given to the player with the highest strikeouts per plate appearance)

    SS Jaden Feldmann, IND - In his 'swing for the fences' approach Feldmann had 592 plate appearances and hit 28 home runs, but also struck out 222 times. His SO% of 37.5 was the highest in the league. Sadly his lack of infield range also makes him a liability at shortstop, where his -23.5 ZR was also the worst in the league. We don't expect his agent to be super busy anytime soon.

    2030 winner: LF Sayid bin Sariyah, LAD
    2031 winner: C Sean Gallion, SYR
    2032 winner: 1B Tom Lewis, MAI
    2033 winner: C Jaime 'Dodo' Bushnell, CAR
    2034 winner: 1B Dave Schaefer, NYK
    2035 winner: C Jaden Stills, MAI
    2036 winner: 1B Tommy Spielman, LAD
    2037 winner: LF Grant Hockensmith, CAR
    2039 winner: SS Shannon Jackson, PHO
    2048 winner: 2B Damone Iwata, SEA
    2049 winner: 2B Damone Iwata, SEA

    Swing For Between the Infielders Award
    (Given to the player with the most hits but no home runs)

    2B Josiah Foust, CAL - The longtime Clown was traded to California in 2050 and put up a nice 6.2 WAR this past season, a career high. Over 133 games he hit .325/.372/.398 with 32 RBI and 48 SB. He also had 0 home runs. No one in the league had more hits without getting one over the outfield wall.

    2030 winner: 2B Ricky 'Heartthrob' Figueroa, DEN
    2031 winner: 2B Ricky 'Heartthrob' Figueroa, DEN
    2032 winner: 3B Ron Morgan, SDR
    2033 winner: RF Tom Lyon, PHO
    2034 winner: C Tony Solorio, HAR
    2035 winner: 2B Ricky 'Heartthrob' Figueroa, WC
    2036 winner: 2B Ricky 'Heartthrob' Figueroa, WC
    2037 winner: RF Kam Foster, NO
    2039 winner: C Dave Nichols, MIA
    2048 winner: SS Johnny Whitaker, BAL
    2049 winner: 2B Joseph 'Bane' Garneau, HAR

    Dickey's BBQ Beans Award
    (Given to the pitcher who hits the most batters)

    P Joe Hudkins, NYC - The 29 year old suffered his worst season to date after going 6-15 with a 5.47 ERA, 1.36 WHIP, and 72 ERA+. His opponents apparently had their best season ever against him, other than the fact that he beaned 21 of them. In his two games against California he beaned two batters, but shockingly Jaxon Neal wasn't one of them.

    2030 winner: Nate Bettis, PHO
    2031 winner: Pat Burgess, PIT
    2032 winner: Robby 'Bruiser' McEvoy, BAL
    2033 winner: Jarrod Peacock, PHI
    2034 winner: Robby 'Bruiser' McEvoy, BAL
    2035 winner: Erik Martin, NYK
    2036 winner: Sheng 'Admiral' Jong, SDR
    2037 winner: Sheng 'Admiral' Jong, SDR
    2039 winner: Zachary Kennedy, MAI
    2048 winner: Nicholas Rae, TOR
    2049 winner: Greg Bryan, WAS

    The Milton Swingline Stapler Award
    (The player who earned a check without deserving one)

    LF Louie Dano Dasmarinas, CAR - LDD is a 2x Stout Slugger, 8x All-Star, and 5x Designated Driver. This past season though the 37 year old earned a cool $23,000,000 while playing five...yes in the BLB for the Tobs. The other 106 games he played was for their AAA team, the Winston-Salem Warthogs. Sadly for Carolina he still has three more years on his contract, totaling $66,000,000. The last year is a player option so all the Tobs can do is hope that by then LDD feels that he stole enough money and calls it a career.

    2030 winner: P Jerrod Blick, TOR
    2031 winner: P Jerrod Blick, TOR
    2032 winner: 1B Dylan Owens, TOR
    2033 winner: 3B Erik Redding, CAL
    2034 winner: 1B Dylan Owens, TOR
    2035 winner: 1B Joy-shan Guo, BAT
    2036 winner: SS Pat Pierce, CAR
    2037 winner: P Jarrod Peacock, PHI
    2039 winner: CF Dave Tibbs, SD
    2048 winner: SS Jim LaPointe, SEA
    2049 winner: LF Rory Elia, PHI

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    Love the Brewski's Matt! Neal, if he stays healthy, with all those beanballs may put some serious pressure on that record!
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      Always fun!
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