The 2039 Daily Keg – Week 15

September 11, 2020


(AP) Hey…where did everyone go!?! After stumbling around in the dark for weeks we finally used our crack investigative skills to track down the BLB. New place looks great! Seems to work. When we type up our game summaries no laughing skull comes on the screen anymore. And after all that we check in and find Seattle still on top with a 67-33 record, the best in the league. I guess we didn’t miss too much did we?

Power Rankings

1) Seattle Pilots (130.6, o)
2) New Orleans Voodoo (120.2, +)
3) Windy City Blues (119.4, +)
4) California Kodiaks (112.8, -)
5) Washington Bats (112.4, –)
6) Pittsburgh Millers (107.6, ++)
7) Los Angeles Dinos (106.1, +)
8) Toronto Canadians (104.8, ++)
9) Indianapolis Racers (103.0, –)
10) Denver Bulls (99.0, -)
11) Batavia Red Jackets (96.7, –)
12) Montreal Exports (94.8, ++)
13) Wilmington Clowns (90.9, ++)
14) Baltimore Bulldogs (86.5, –)
15) Miami Sharks (85.9, –)
16) Hartford Whalers (81.6, –)
17) New York Knights (73.2, +)
18) Pawtucket Patriots (72.6, +)
19) Maine Guides (69.4, +)
20) Santo Domingo Rum Runners (66.9, –)
21) Carolina Tobs (64.8, -)
22) Phoenix Roadrunners (61.6, +)
23) Philadelphia Freedom (57.8, -)
24) Syracuse Snappers (38.4, -)

Performance of the Week

1B Parker Wood – Parker really laid the wood against Hartford on July 23rd when he tallied up four hits, two home runs, seven RBI’s and scored three times in a 12-0 harpooning of the Whalers. The 25 year old was a 2nd round pick back in 2031 by Indy and traded to New Orleans in 2033. He’s now hitting .301/.359/.603 with 29 HR’s and 80 RBI’s in 100 games. His 29 HR’s puts him second in the league only behind Baltimore’s JD Rice.

Injury of the Week

P A.J. Ingle – We missed this on our hiatus but when Ingle went down on July 9th with a torn labrum it was probably the end of the 43 year olds career…and what a career it has been. Drafted in 2016 by California he has played for 10 teams, been to 10 All-Star games, won five Last Call awards, and been a BLB champion twice.

Prospect of the Week

P Cade Hogan – Things have been down in Phoenix but they have some young arms to build around, including the #38 prospect in Cade Hogan. Drafted with the 5th overall pick of this years draft he’s now 5-0 with a 1.72 ERA and 0.86 WHIP in five starts. He was selected the 2039 NCAA Pitcher of the Year and was a two time NCAA All-Star with Pacific. He’s now pitched close to 100 innings this year though so the Roadrunners might start thinking of shutting him down.

Five Things We Think We Think

1. Good to see the Bock is still a bloodbath. Five of the six teams have 55 or more wins. The Ale has one, the Lager has three, and the Stout has two. Denver checks in on the bottom at 55-46 and their playoff odds currently sit at 47%. Meanwhile Indy in the DL is 55-46 and their playoff odds are 88.7%. Denver should get a boost as starter Eliott Paul is due back from his biceps strain which kept him out the last month.

2. Seattle’s outfielder Richie ‘Powder’ van Luik has 51 stolen bases on the year. Coming in second is Washington’s outfielder Erwijn ‘Moriarity’ de Jong at ‘only’ 34. ‘Powder’ is currently on pace for 83, which would be second all-time behind Sonny Fulton who stole 87 bases for Syracuse in the BLB’s inaugural year.

3. Geoff Dail has had a rough season. After playing for Seattles’s AAA team the first part of the season he was injured and released then resigned by Seattle. After being put on waivers Miami claimed him as he heads back to his old home. He is only 30 steals behind the all-time leader Jerry Daly and even at 38 years old is one of the best base thieves in the game. We’d love to see him break Daly’s record so we’re pulling for him to get a chance to play.

4. Washington and Seattle are the two top teams in the league when it comes to fan interest. Pittsburgh moved into the #3 spot after acquiring Kaleb Purvis and Zack Coffey this week from New York. At the bottom is Syracuse whose massive selloff over the past few seasons has netted them several top picks in the draft, but also resulted in 7,279 fans showing up at their last non weekend home game on July 7th. They currently have the worst record in the league and will more than likely have the 1st pick of the 2040 draft as the rebuild continues.

5. Barton Mejia was an unlucky 13-0 before losing two straight games on July 1st and July 6th. He gave up two earned runs in each of those games but Windy City managed only to score one run combined. He’s back on the horse though as he’s won two of the last three and is now 15-2 with a 2.01 ERA, 1.03 WHIP, and 6.0 WAR. At 26 years old he’s the most dominant pitcher in the BLB and is looking to win his second straight Pale Ale and Triple Crown.

Stat of the Week
Stolen Bases
J. Daly Ret 677
G. Dail MIA 647
J. Rush TOR 614
D. Davis WIL 542
R. Figueroa PHI 533
M. Woodbury Ret 530
H. Chávez Ret 524
D. O’Hegarty Ret 484
C. Day Ret 483
J. Kitchen Ret 468​