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0Highest Three True Outcomes Per Plate Appearance (HR's, BB's, K's)BattersTTO-Season
1Most Strikeouts Without Allowing A WalkPitchersKBBSeason
2Fewest Career Seasons Among Players Who've Hit 30 Home Runs In A Season*BattersSeasonsHRCareer
3More Home Runs Than StrikeoutsBattersHRKSeason
4Most Unearned Runs AllowedPitchersER-Season
5Most Runner-up Finishes Within 10 Games Of FirstTeamsFinish-Season
6Most Innings Pitched Without Appearing in the PostseasonPitchersIPPostseasonCareer
7Most Consecutive 100 BB Seasons*BattersBB-Career
8Most Plate Appearances With A 1.000 OBPBattersOBPPASeason
9Lowest Net Stolen Bases By TeamTeamsSBCSSeason
10Home Run Title Winners in Descending Order of HR'sBattersHR-Season
11Largest Drop In Wins With No Significant Drop In InningsPitchersW-Season
12Highest Career Games Started/Games Finished CombinationsPitchersGSGFSeason
13Most 200 Home Run Hitters By Franchise*BattersHR-Career
14Most Innings Pitched Without Allowing a Stolen BasePitchersIPSBSeason
15Most Different Positions Played In A Single SeasonFieldersPositions-Season
16Oldest Players To Win The Stout Slugger Award Or Pale Ale Pitcher AwardPlayersAge-Season
17More Complete Games Than WinsPitchersCGWSeason
18Most Hits by AgeBattersHAgeSeason
19Highest Career Hit to Strikeout Ratio for BattersBattersHKCareer
20Longest Championship DroughtTeamsTitles-Career
21Most Consecutive 200 Strikeout Seasons*PitchersK-Career
22Most Defensive Innings At A Position Without Starting A Game ThereFieldersInnGSSeason
23Most Hits Over A Three Year SpanBattersH-Career
24Single Season Franchise Records for Stolen BasesBattersSB-Season
25Career Franchise Records for WinsPitchersW-Career
26Largest Discrepancy Between Times On Base And Runs ScoredBattersTOBRSeason
27Most Plate Appearances With A 1.000 AVGBattersAVGPASeason
28Winning Teams Who've Been Outscored By Their OpponentsTeamsRPctSeason
29Most Losses While Pitching For A Winning TeamPitchersL-Season
30Most Years Between Stolen BasesBattersSeasonsSBCareer
31Most Seasons Appeared In Without Ever Qualifying For The Batting TitleBattersSeasons-Career
32Most Defensive Innings Without Recording A Putout Or AssistFieldersInnPOSeason
33Highest SB% Among SB Title WinnersBattersSB%SBSeason
34Most Relief Appearances By TeamTeamsRapp-Season
35Most Years Placing in the League's Top 3PlayersLeaders-Career
36Most Different Teams to Appear As An All-Star WithPlayersAll-Star-Career
37Most Stolen Bases in Debut SeasonBattersSB-Season
38Highest Career Double/Stolen Base CombinationsBatters2BSBCareer
39More IBB Than UBBBattersIBBBBSeason
40Highest Innings Per Game RatioPitchersIPGSeason
41Number of Sub 1.00 WHIP's Per Season*PitchersWHIP-Season
42Most Home Runs With Two Different TeamsBattersHR-Career
43Most 30 Home Run Seasons By Franchise*BattersHR-Season
44Longest Winning Streak To Finish a SeasonTeamsW-Season
45Most Home Runs in Top Three SeasonsBattersHR-Career
46Most Runs Scored Without Getting Self On BaseBattersR-Season
47Most Consecutive Seasons With An ERA Below 3.00*PitchersERA-Career
48Highest Career Error RateFieldersE-Career
49Most Different Teams to Win the Defense With Integrity (DWI) Award WithFieldersAwards-Career
50Most Seasons Below .400 Winning PercentageTeamsPct-Career
51Most Common First Names Among Active PlayersPlayersName--
52Most Hall of Famers Drafted By FranchiseTeamsPlayers-Career
53Most Walks by Batter HeightBattersBBHeightCareer
54Most Home Runs in Final SeasonBattersHR-Season
55Most Players Used In A SeasonTeamsPlayers-Season
56Most Innings Pitched While Recording X WinsPitchersIPWSeason
57Failing to Hit His WeightBattersAVGWeightSeason
58Most Innings Pitched Without Starting a GamePitchersIPGSSeason
59Most Games While Recording The Final Out In All AppearancesPitchersGGFSeason
60Most Stolen Bases by AgeBattersSBAgeSeason
61More Home Runs Than StrikeoutsBattersHRKCareer
62Largest Drop in the StandingsTeamsFinish-Season
63Teams With The Closest Balance Between Power and SpeedTeamsHRSBSeason
64Batting Title Winners in Descending Order of AVGBattersAVG-Season
65Players With the Same Number of Wins, Losses, and Saves In Their CareerPitchersWLCareer
66Most Wins Without Starting a GamePitchersWGSSeason
67Most Consecutive 100 R Seasons*BattersR-Career
68Most Hits Over A Five Year SpanBattersH-Career
69Single Season Franchise Records for HitsBattersH-Season
70Players with 10 L's and 10 SV's in a SeasonPitchersWLSeason
71Most Players with 20 or More Wins*TeamsPlayersWSeason
72Career Franchise Records for StrikeoutsPitchersK-Career
73Most Teams Played For In the PostseasonPlayersTeamsPostseasonCareer
74Largest Single Season Increase In Home RunsBattersHR-Season
75Most 20 Win Seasons*PitchersW-Season
76Most Wins By A Player Who Pitched In Just One SeasonPitchersW-Career
77Most Career Home Runs By A Player Who Maxed Out At X In A SeasonBattersHR-Career
78Players Who Played For Most Championship WinnersPlayersTitles-Career
79Highest Career Times On Base Per Plate AppearanceBattersTOB-Career
80Most Intentional Walks Without a Home RunBattersIBBHRSeason
81More Strikeouts Than Times On BaseBattersKTOBCareer
82Highest Percentage of Team Wins from One PitcherPitchersW-Season
83Most Seasons With Exactly 1 Home Run HitBattersSeasonsHRCareer
84Players With Home Runs As Their Only HitsBattersHR-Career
85Cumulative Franchise Pythagorean DifferenceTeamsPyth-Career
86Most Years Between WinsPitchersSeasonsWCareer
87Worst Records To Make The PostseasonTeamsPct-Season
88Lowest Career Runner Thrown Out PercentageFieldersRTO%-Career
89Oldest Defense With Integrity (DWI) Award WinnersFieldersAwards-Season
90Most Plate Appearances Without a HitBattersPAHSeason
91Most Consecutive 100 RBI Seasons*BattersRBI-Career
92Highest Percentage of Wins SavedTeamsSV-Season
93Lowest Ratio of Walks to Hit BatsmenPitchersBBHPCareer
94Most Years Placing in the League's Top 10PlayersLeaders-Career
95Most Wins While Pitching For A Losing TeamPitchersW-Season
96Most All-Star PlayersTeamsAll-StarPlayersCareer
97As Many Shutouts As LossesPitchersSHOLSeason
98Most Saves by AgePitchersSVAgeSeason
99Highest Career Win/Save CombinationsPitchersWSVCareer
100Most Wins in Debut SeasonPitchersW-Season
101Highest Innings Per Game RatioPitchersIPGCareer
102Number of Pitchers With More Than 1.00 K/IP Per SeasonPitchersK-Season
103Most Wins With Two Different TeamsPitchersW-Career
104Most .300 Hitting Seasons By FranchiseTeamsAVGPlayersCareer
105Highest Number Of Runs Scored Relative to LeagueTeamsR-Season
106Most Earned Runs Without Allowing An Unearned RunPitchersERRSeason
107Lowest Attendance Relative To LeagueTeamsAttendance-Season
108Fewest Home Runs In Second Highest Season By A Player Who Only Once Had 30+ HR*BattersHR-Season
109Highest Double Play Rate (DP/Inn)FieldersDP-Season
110Longest Postseason DroughtTeamsPostseason-Career
111Players With A Hit In Their Only At-BatBattersH-Career
112Most Games Played Without A Stolen BaseBattersSBGCareer
113Most Consecutive 100 RBI Seasons To Start A Career*BattersRBI-Career
114Smallest Difference Between OBP and AVG Among Batting Title WinnersBattersAVGOBPSeason
115Most Wins Over A Five Year SpanPitchersW-Career
116Single Season Franchise Records for StrikeoutsPitchersK-Season
117Career Franchise Records for WalksBattersBB-Career
118More Triples Than Stolen BasesBatters3BSBSeason
119Highest Percentage of Team Runs Scored By One BatterBattersR-Season
120Highest Percentage of Hits As Home RunsBattersHRHCareer
121Youngest Player To Lead The LeaguePlayersLeadersAgeSeason
122Most Holds Without Starting Or Finishing A GamePitchersHLD-Season
123Most Losses The Season Before Winning The Cy Young AwardPitchersLAwardsSeason
124Most Hits in Final SeasonBattersH-Season
125Largest Improvement in Team WinsTeamsW-Season
126Most Strikeouts by Pitcher HeightPitchersKHeightSeason
127Postseason Teams Closest To Extinction: Fewest Players Still ActiveTeamsPlayers--
128Most Common BirthdayPlayersBirthday--
129Percentage Of Draftees Who've Reached the Majors (with any team)TeamsPlayers-Career
130Percentage of Players With X Hits Divided In Groups of 100 HitsBattersH-Career
131Seasons Most Out of Line With Team HistoryTeamsPct-Season
132Largest Drop In Home Runs With No Significant Drop In Plate AppearancesBattersHR-Season
133Highest Career Home Run/Stolen Base CombinationsBattersHRSBCareer
134Lowest Batting Average While Hitting X Home RunsBattersHR-Season
135Most Hits Without A SingleBatters1BHSeason
136Number Of Pitchers With Less Than .5 K/IP By SeasonPitchersK-Season
137Most Consecutive 15 Win Seasons*PitchersW-Career
138Most Plate Appearances With 0 Home Runs and 0 Stolen Bases in a SeasonBattersPAHRSeason
139Lowest Percentage of Team Losses By Team's Losingest PitcherPitchersL-Season
140Luckiest Teams Based on Pythagorean RecordTeamsPythPctSeason
141Most Years Between TriplesBatters3BSeasonsCareer
142Most Seasons Appeared In Prior To First Home RunBattersHRSeasonsCareer
143Most Runs Batted In by AgeBattersRBIAgeSeason
144More Walks Than StrikeoutsPitchersBBKSeason
145Most Seasons Appeared In Prior To First WinPitchersWSeasonsCareer
146Most Runs Batted In Without Scoring A RunBattersRBIRSeason
147Most Frustrated Playoff TeamsTeamsPostseasonTitlesCareer
148Largest Changes In League Leading StatsPlayersLeaders-Season
149Fewest Runs Scored Per Game By A Division WinnerTeamsR-Season
150Most Saves While Finishing All Games In Which A Player AppearedPitchersSVGFSeason
151More Home Runs In The Postseason Than The Regular SeasonBattersHRPostseasonSeason
152Most Defensive Innings At Catcher Without Throwing Out A RunnerFieldersRTO%InnSeason
153Most Consecutive Seasons Playing The Same Position For The Same TeamPlayersSeasonsPositionCareer
154Players To Win A Defense With Integrity (DWI) Award, End Of Season Award, And Be An All-Star In The Same SeasonPlayersAwardsAll-StarSeason
155Single Season Franchise Records for WinPitchersW-Season
156Fewest Career Games Played By An All-StarPlayersGAll-StarCareer
157Most Runs Batted In Over A Five Year SpanBattersRBI-Career
158Career Franchise Records for RunsBattersR-Career
159Most Strikeouts in Debut SeasonPitchersK-Season
160Most Players with 200 or More HitsTeamsPlayersHSeason
161Identical 2B's, 3B's, and HR's in a seasonBattersEBH-Season
162Most Batters Faced Per GamePitchersBF-Career
163More Walks Than HitsBattersBBHCareer
164Number of .500+ SLG's Per SeasonBattersSLG-Season
165Most Consecutive Times Winning The Defense With Integrity (DWI) AwardPlayersAwardsSeasonsCareer
166Most Plate Appearances With 0 Home Runs in a CareerBattersHRPACareer
167Most 20 HR/20 SB SeasonsBattersHRSBCareer
168Most Teams Played ForPlayersTeams-Career
169Most Hall of Famers On A TeamTeamsHall of FamePlayersCareer
170More Than 1 RBI Per Game PlayedBattersRBI-Season
171Most Hits By A Player Who Played One SeasonBattersH-Career
172Largest Difference Between Personal WinPct and Team WinPctPitchersPct-Season
173Most Plate Appearances Without Hitting A Triple Or A Home RunBattersPA3BSeason
174Most Career Wins By A Player Who Maxed Out At X In A SeasonPitchersW-Career
175Largest Single Season Improvement In Earned Run AveragePitchersERA-Season
176Most Career Walks By A Player With Initials B. B.BattersBB-Career
177Most Stolen Bases Without Getting Self On BaseBattersSB-Season
178Highest Run Scoring EnvironmentsLeaguesR--
179Longest Losing Streak To Finish a SeasonTeamsL-Season
180Wins Title Winners In Descending Order of W'sPitchersWLeadersSeason
181Fewest Relievers Used In A SeasonTeamsPlayersRappSeason
182Most Games Started At Two Defensive PositionsFieldersPositionsGSCareer
183Most All-Star Appearances Without Appearing in the PostseasonPlayersAll-StarPostseasonCareer
184Most Consecutive 25 HR Seasons To Start A Career*BattersHR-Career
185Most Walks by AgeBattersBBAgeSeason
186More Triples Than Home RunsBatters3BHRCareer
187Most Seasons Pitched In With No DecisionsPitchersNDSeasonsCareer
188Most Years With One TeamPlayersSeasons-Career
189Most Plate Appearances Without A Home RunBattersPAHRSeason
190Highest Percentage of Team Losses From One PitcherPitchersL-Season
191Largest Difference In Run Scoring Between LeaguesLeaguesR--
192Most Seasons Appeared In Since Last WinPitchersWSeasonsCareer
193Most Games Played Without A Home RunBattersHRGCareer
194Most Players with 30 or More Home Runs*TeamsHRPlayersSeason
195Farthest Finish Out of First PlaceTeamsGB-Season
196Most Consecutive All-Star AppearancesPlayersAll-StarSeasonsCareer
197All Players with 30 HR/30 SB SeasonsBattersHRSBSeason
198Players Who Have Won the Defense With Integrity (DWI) Award at Multiple PositionsFieldersAwardsPositionsCareer
199Highest Percentage of Runs Allowed From Home RunsPitchersRHRSeason
200Most Home Runs by Batter WeightBattersHRWeightSeason
201Most .600+ SeasonsTeamsPct-Career
202Most Stolen Bases in Final SeasonBattersSB-Season
203Percentage of Players With X Home Runs Divided In Groups of 20 Home RunsBattersHR-Career
204Teams With The Most Players To Have Played Exclusively For ThemTeamsPlayers-Career
205Highest ERA While Recording X WinsPitchersERAWSeason
206Highest Percentage of Players On Active Roster Drafted By OrganizationTeamsPlayersDraftees-
207Most Plate Appearances Without A WalkBattersPABBSeason
208Most Consecutive Seasons Without A Losing SeasonTeamsPct-Career
209More Wins Than WalksPitchersWBBSeason
210Highest Career Three True Outcome Totals (HR's, BB's, K's)BattersTTO-Career
211Highest Percentage of Team Runs Knocked In By One BatterBattersRBI-Season
212Oldest Player To Lead The LeaguePlayersLeadersAgeSeason
213Career Franchise Records for RBIBattersRBI-Career
214Most Wins Over A Three Year SpanPitchersW-Career
215Single Season Franchise Records for Home RunsBattersHR-Season
216Largest Difference Between OBP And AVGBattersOBPAVGSeason
217Most Home Runs Without An Intentional WalkBattersHRIBBSeason
218Most Consistent Teams By Winning PercentageTeamsPct-Career
219Most Innings In The Outfield With More Assists Than PutoutsFieldersAInnSeason
220Highest Percentage of RBI from Home RunsBattersRBIHRSeason
221More Strikeouts Than Hits AllowedPitchersKHASeason
222Players With At Least 10 GIDP And 10 SB's In The Same SeasonBattersGIDPSBSeason
223Most Hits in Debut SeasonBattersH-Season
224Most Home Runs by AgeBattersHRAgeSeason
225Most All-Stars Drafted By FranchiseTeamsAll-StarDrafteesCareer
226Lowest IP Per G ratioPitchersIPGCareer
227Number of 1.000+ OPS's Per SeasonBattersOPS-Season
228Largest Percentage Increase In AttendanceTeamsAttendance-Season
229Most 20 Win Seasons By Franchise*TeamsWSeasonsCareer
230Most Career Wins Without Being An All-StarPitchersWAll-StarCareer
231Lowest Number Of Runs Allowed Relative To LeagueTeamsRA-Season
232Fewest RBI In Second Highest Season By A Player Who Only Once Had 100+ RBIBattersRBI-Season
233Highest Attendance Relative To LeagueTeamsAttendance-Season
234Most Consecutive 30 SB Seasons*BattersSB-Career
235Most Offense Heavy Team Relative To LeagueTeamsR-Season
236If Nice Guys Finish Last... Most Hit Batsmen By Pitchers, With Team FinishTeamsHPFinishSeason
237Highest OBP Among HR Title WinnersBattersOBPHRSeason
238Largest Variance In Wins Between Teams Within A LeagueLeaguesW-Season
239Lowest Percentage of Home Runs Among 3000 Hit Men*BattersHRHCareer
240Most Losses The Season After Winning The Cy Young AwardPitchersLAwardsSeason
241Most Defensive Innings Without Winning The Defense With Integrity (DWI) AwardFieldersInnAwardsCareer
242Lowest ERA's By Middle RelieversPitchersERA-Season
243Most Innings With 0.00 ERAPitchersERAIPSeason
244More Triples Than DoublesBatters3B2BSeason
245Longest Road To The MajorsPlayersSeasons--
246Lowest Percentage of Team Wins By Team's Winningest PitcherTeamsWPlayersSeason
247Worst Record While Outscoring The OppositionTeamsPctRSeason
248Most Years Between Home RunsBattersHRSeasonsCareer
249Most Games Played Without Appearing in the PostseasonBattersGPostseasonCareer
250Most Consecutive 15 W Seasons To Start A Career*PitchersW-Career
251Highest Hit to Strikeout RatioPitchersHKCareer
252Most Home Runs Over A Three Year SpanBattersHR-Career
253Highest Career Total of Runs Scored and Runs Driven InBattersRRBICareer
254Career Franchise Records for Stolen BasesBattersSB-Career
255Single Season Franchise Records for RunsBattersR-Season
256Most 200 Win Pitchers By Franchise*TeamsWPlayersCareer
257Most 100 RBI Seasons*BattersRBISeasonsCareer
258Higher AVG than OBPBattersAVGOBPSeason
259Most Seasons Playing In All GamesBattersGSeasonsCareer
260Most RBI By A Player Who Appeared As A Batter In Just One SeasonBattersRBI-Career
261Most Consistent Teams By WinsTeamsW-Career
262Number of Players to Max Out At X Wins In A SeasonPitchersW-Season
263Worst 100 RBI Seasons By OBP*BattersRBIOBPSeason
264Most Innings Without a DecisionPitchersNDIPSeason
265Most Runs by AgeBattersRAgeSeason
266More Home Runs Than SinglesBattersHR1BCareer
267Lowest Ratio of Hits to RBI for Players With 100+ RBI*BattersRBIHSeason
268ERA Title Winners in Ascending Order of ERAPitchersERALeadersSeason
269Most Relievers Used In A SeasonTeamsPlayers-Season
270Most Career Games Pitched Without a WinPitchersWGCareer
271.500 Pitchers On .500 TeamsPitchersPct-Season
272Most Consecutive 150 K Seasons To Start A Career*PitchersK-Career
273Fewest Career Seasons Among Pitchers Who've Won 20 Games In A Season*PitchersWSeasonsCareer
274Most Players to Win the Defense With Integrity (DWI) Award By TeamTeamsAwardsPlayersCareer
275Most Career Stolen Bases by Batter WeightBattersSBWeightCareer
276Most Nations Represented On The Active RosterTeamsNationality-Season
277Largest Decline in Team WinsTeamsW-Season
278Most Strikeouts in Final SeasonPitchersK-Season
279Teams With The Most Position Players To Have Played 10 Years With Them*TeamsTenurePlayersCareer
280Highest Percentage of Players In Organization Drafted By OrganizationTeamsDraftees--
281Fewest Innings Pitched While Recording X WinsPitchersWIPSeason
282Highest Career OPSBattersOPS-Career
283Most 2nd Place FinishesTeamsFinish-Career
284Most Stolen Bases Without Being CaughtBattersSBCSSeason
285Most Home Runs in Debut SeasonBattersHR-Season
286Most Players On the All-Star TeamTeamsAll-Star-Season
287Most Players with 70 or More Walks*TeamsBBPlayersSeason
288More Sacrifices Than HitsBattersSHHSeason
289Fewest Batters Faced Per GamePitchersBFGCareer
290Pitchers With the Same Number of Games Started, Games Finished, and Appearances That Were Neither a Start Or FinishPitchersGSGFSeason
291Number of .300+ Batters Per SeasonBattersAVGPlayersSeason
292Most Pitching Heavy Team Relative To LeagueTeamsRA-Season
293Most Players Used to Field a PositionTeamsPlayersPositionsSeason
294Most Defensive Innings Without Turning A Double Play At A Middle Infield PositionFieldersDPInnSeason
295Highest Ratio of Wild Pitches to WalksPitchersWPBBCareer
296Fewest Starting Pitchers Used In A SeasonTeamsPlayers-Season
297Most Years Placing in the League's Top 5PlayersLeadersSeasonsCareer
298Most Consecutive Seasons With A .300 Batting AverageBattersAVGSeasonsCareer
299Most Seasons Between All-Star AppearancesPlayersAll-StarSeasonsCareer
300Players With Triples As Their Only HitsPlayers3B-Career
301Unluckiest Teams Based on Pythagorean RecordTeamsPyth-Season
302Fewest Starts By A Team's Most Used StarterTeamsGSPlayersSeason
303Most Seasons Appeared In Without Ever Qualifying For The ERA TitlePlayersSeasonsERACareer
304Career Franchise Records for HitsBattersH-Career
305Single Season Franchise Records for RBIBattersRBI-Season
306Most Home Runs Over A Five Year SpanBattersHR-Career
307Closest DivisionsLeaguesGB--
308Most No-Decisions In a SeasonPitchersND-Season
309Most Innings Without a No-DecisionPitchersNDIPSeason
310More Caught Stealing Than Stolen BasesBattersCSSBSeason
311Most Strikeouts by AgePitchersKAgeSeason
312Highest Ratio of Strikeouts Per Batter FacedPitchersKBFSeason
313Players With The Most Rookie of the Month Awards Who Did Not Win Refreshing New Brew AwardPlayersAwards-Season
314Most Games Played Without A TripleBatters3BGCareer
315Players with 10 W's and 10 SV's in a SeasonPitchersWSVSeason
316Most Consecutive 20 HR Seasons*BattersHR-Career
317Most Players With At Least 100 Plate AppearancesTeamsPAPlayersSeason
318Fewest Wins By a Division WinnerTeamsW-Season
319Fewest Relief Appearances By TeamTeamsRapp-Season
320Most Years Leading The LeaguePlayersLeadersSeasonsCareer
321Players With A Win In Their Only Pitching AppearancePitchersW-Career
322More RBI Than HitsBattersRBIHCareer
323Most Career Hits Without An Extra Base HitBattersHEBHCareer
324Most Consecutive 200 H Seasons*BattersH-Career
325Largest Number of Games Behind In Season Prior To Winning DivisionTeamsGB-Season
326Most Saves in Debut SeasonPitchersSV-Season
327Career Franchise Records for Home RunsBattersHR-Career
328Single Season Franchise Records for WalksBattersBB-Season
329Most Wins by AgePitchersWAgeSeason
330All Players with 100 Runs, 100 RBI, and 100 Walks in a Season*BattersRRBISeason
331More Walks Than HitsBattersBBHSeason
332Most RBI Over A Three Year SpanBattersRBI-Career
333Top 25 Oldest All-StarsPlayersAll-StarAgeSeason
334Most Players with 20+ Home Runs And 70+ WalksTeamsHRBBSeason
335Teams To Sweep The End Of Season AwardsTeamsAwards-Season
336Most Batters Faced Per GamePitchersBF-Season
337Number of .400+ OBP's Per SeasonBattersOBPPlayersSeason
338Highest Percentage of Singles Among 3000 Hit Men*Batters1BHCareer
339Highest Runs Scored/Runs Allowed Combination Relative To LeagueTeamsRRASeason
340Fewest Runs In Second Highest Season By A Player Who Only Once Had 100+ RunsBattersR-Season
341Most Consistent Attendance FiguresTeamsAttendance-Career
342Largest Team Run DifferentialsTeamsRRASeason
343Most 200 Strikeout Seasons*PitchersKSeasonsCareer
344Most Seasons Appeared InPlayersSeasons-Career
345More Than One Run Scored Per Game PlayedBattersR-Season
346Most Home Runs By A Player Who Played One SeasonBattersHR-Career
347Most Losses By League Wins LeaderPitchersLLeadersSeason
348Most Starting Pitchers Used In A SeasonTeamsPlayers-Season
349Most Postseasons Played InBattersSeasonsPostseasonCareer
350Most Seasons Appeared In Since Last Home RunBattersHRSeasonsCareer
351Largest Percentage Decline in AttendanceTeamsAttendance-Season
352Number of Players to Max Out At X Home Runs In A SeasonBattersHR-Season
353Most Plate Appearances In A Season While Hitting .500 Or BetterBattersAVGPASeason
354Most Different Batters Hit By PitchTeamsHPPlayersSeason
355Fewest Plate Appearances By A Team's Most Used BatterTeamsPAPlayersSeason
356Most Career Home Runs By A Player With Initials H.R.BattersHR-Career
357Fewest RBI Among Stout Slugger Award WinnersBattersRBIAwardsSeason
358Most Wins in Final SeasonPitchersW-Season
359Most Career Home Runs by Batter WeightBattersHRWeightCareer
360Most Common Last Names Among Active PlayersPlayersName--
361Most Players Used In Franchise HistoryTeamsPlayers-Career
362Most .500+ SeasonsTeamsPctSeasonsCareer
363Percentage Of Players Who've Played For A Franchise That Were Drafted By ThemTeamsDraftees-Career
364Percentage of Players With X Wins Divided In Groups of 5 WinsPitchersW-Career
365Number of Players With Each Uniform NumberPlayersUniform--
* indicates stat criteria may adjust to suit your league
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