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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Jaeden Aaron2B20172021OOTP Page
Mac AaronMR19902007OOTP Page
Carl AbadeeMR20232036OOTP Page
Todd Abarca+C20562061OOTP Page
Victorio Abascal1B19781979OOTP Page
Kagan AbbasiLF20572060OOTP Page
Davis AbbottLF20392045OOTP Page
Robert Abbott2B19872000OOTP Page
Tyrone AbbottC19902000OOTP Page
Akira AbeSP19781993OOTP Page
Atsushi AbeMR20112020OOTP Page
Jamie AbelWarlock2B20222025OOTP Page
Zayne AbplanalpC20152018OOTP Page
Art AbramsLF19881990OOTP Page
Jed Abrams3B19871990OOTP Page
Jimmy AbramsMR20082017OOTP Page
Tom AbramsSS20162024OOTP Page
LaVar Abrudan+SP20522061OOTP Page
Angelo AbundisC20122014OOTP Page
Mariano AceitunoMR19791982OOTP Page
Frank AcevedoLF20362036OOTP Page
Guillermo AcevedoSS20022002OOTP Page
Melvin AcevedoRF20042005OOTP Page
Wil AcevedoMR20122014OOTP Page
Walt AciernoMR20402043OOTP Page
Brock AckermanC20492055OOTP Page
Tom AckersRF20182030OOTP Page
Benny Ackley+RF20492059OOTP Page
Jimmy Acord1B20292032OOTP Page
Adrián Acosta2B19851988OOTP Page
Tom Acton3B20262028OOTP Page
Joe AcuñaDoodleLF19861994OOTP Page
Jordan Acuna3B20072007OOTP Page
Ippei AdachiCF19982010OOTP Page
Danny AdameC20022008OOTP Page
Ricky AdameRF20012007OOTP Page
Joey AdamianMR20302036OOTP Page
Ted AdamoSP20212030OOTP Page
Andy AdamsSP19871987OOTP Page
Damien AdamsCF20352038OOTP Page
Dante Adams+SP20512059OOTP Page
Dusty Adams3B20272027OOTP Page
Ira AdamsCL20412055OOTP Page
Jamie AdamsCF20192024OOTP Page
Jarrod AdamsC20222022OOTP Page
Jayden AdamsMR20332043OOTP Page
Jimmy AdamsLF20262026OOTP Page
Kolton Adams+LF20542058OOTP Page
Pat AdamsSP20192022OOTP Page
Phil AdamsMR20452050OOTP Page
Ron AdamsCF19962004OOTP Page
Ron AdamsCF19781979OOTP Page
Samson AdamsRF20232027OOTP Page
Scott AdamsMR20472052OOTP Page
Tommy Adams3B20292037OOTP Page
Troy AdamsMR20022002OOTP Page
Wayne AdamsSS20062014OOTP Page
Dave AdamsonSP20082013OOTP Page
Tommie Adamson+LF20542061OOTP Page
Bryant Addison+C20612061OOTP Page
Gavin AddisonMR20402052OOTP Page
Tommy AdelmanChiselMR20432058OOTP Page
Robby Adelsberger3B20252036OOTP Page
Kurtis Adigamoff2B20422042OOTP Page
Yidir AdiliLF19922007OOTP Page
William Adkins+2B20512061OOTP Page
Zachary AdkinsC20282036OOTP Page
Mat Adolph3B20222027OOTP Page
Ernesto AdronLF19781993OOTP Page
Ernesto AeostaRF19851987OOTP Page
Yoshinaka AganoCF19972007OOTP Page
Jordan AgarCL20332037OOTP Page
Melvin AgeeSlugMR20382044OOTP Page
Osvaldo AgredanoSS19791982OOTP Page
Daishawn AguayoSP20432056OOTP Page
Javier AgueroCactus2B20002000OOTP Page
Joe AguilanSP19851985OOTP Page
Chris AguilarSP20112029OOTP Page
Leo AguilarK9MR20102019OOTP Page
Lupe AguilarSP20222029OOTP Page
Manny AguilarSP20012001OOTP Page
Nestor AguilarMR19922008OOTP Page
Tavares AguilarSP20432047OOTP Page
Victor AguilarC20092014OOTP Page
Joe AguilaraMR19781990OOTP Page
Tony AguilerRF20022003OOTP Page
Arvin Aguilera3B20462049OOTP Page
Izzy AguileraSP20402041OOTP Page
Javy AguileraC20302037OOTP Page
Tom AguinagaSP20122021OOTP Page
Alex AguirreSP20002004OOTP Page
Cristián AguirreSS19922000OOTP Page
Marco AguirreMR20172026OOTP Page
Rich AguirreC20102010OOTP Page
Rodrigo AguirreCF20232026OOTP Page
Sal Aguirre2B20272032OOTP Page
Alberto AguitarMR19781982OOTP Page
Devante AguitarRF19861987OOTP Page
Joba AgyeiCF20502050OOTP Page
Dwaun Ahverdov+MR20532057OOTP Page
Tom AielloLF20302031OOTP Page
Michael Aiken2B20502059OOTP Page
Ron AiresMR20232025OOTP Page
Vincent AitkenSS20252025OOTP Page
Dustin AitkenheadCL19811988OOTP Page
Geoff AitkenheadMR19871987OOTP Page
Augustin AjelloLF19962000OOTP Page
Isei AkamatsuCL20052011OOTP Page
Antravious AkersRF20452045OOTP Page
Dusty AkkermanC20292043OOTP Page
Garry Akoniia+CF20532057OOTP Page
Lyman Al GaharyMR20502050OOTP Page
Kifle Al-Sadat2B19862002OOTP Page
Marquis Alagna+LF20612061OOTP Page
Ángel Alambar1B19781984OOTP Page
Eddy AlanisSP20002015OOTP Page
David Alba2B20052006OOTP Page
Aubrey Albano+Gypsy2B20412061OOTP Page
Joe Albarez2B19811981OOTP Page
Jon AlbertyMR20302037OOTP Page
Amato AlborsSS19781990OOTP Page
Kyle AlbrightLF20562057OOTP Page
Jamie AlbuC20122015OOTP Page
Joe AlcaCF19821983OOTP Page
Octavio AlcantarCF20262028OOTP Page
Zeus Alder2B20362052OOTP Page
Edwin AlderdiceCF20172023OOTP Page
Carlos AleaMR19811982OOTP Page
Román AleaC19811981OOTP Page
Ricky AlejoCF20232030OOTP Page
Dewan Aleman3B20522053OOTP Page
Gunnar AlencastreCF20392043OOTP Page
Seth AlesioMR20492049OOTP Page
Brad Alexander2B19891992OOTP Page
Cody Alexander1B20592059OOTP Page
Dave AlexanderSS20182018OOTP Page
Don AlexanderRF19801994OOTP Page
Ernie Alexander3B19901991OOTP Page
Ian Alexander+MR20482059OOTP Page
Jayden Alexander3B20272033OOTP Page
Jeremiah AlexanderC19872001OOTP Page
Scot AlexanderMR20582058OOTP Page
Stephen AlexanderRF20032013OOTP Page
Zack AlexanderMR20122012OOTP Page
Danny AlfaroC20332044OOTP Page
Robert Alfaro3B20052009OOTP Page
Kyrus AlfieriSP20502050OOTP Page
Chauncey AlfonsoLF20482051OOTP Page
Pancho Alfonso1B19851991OOTP Page
Joe AlforoMR19821984OOTP Page
Ted AlgerMR19781981OOTP Page
Carlos AliccaMR19781984OOTP Page
Víctor AliceaMR19861999OOTP Page
Victor Allard2B19901995OOTP Page
Clint Alleman2B19921992OOTP Page
A.J. AllenCF20162017OOTP Page
Alan AllenSP20372052OOTP Page
Allan Allen+SP20552061OOTP Page
Braden Allen+MR20532061OOTP Page
Dave AllenSS20082020OOTP Page
Donte AllenSP20242029OOTP Page
Isaac Allen+LF20572057OOTP Page
Jamie AllenSP20302044OOTP Page
Jeremy AllenCF20372043OOTP Page
Jordan Allen+MR20582059OOTP Page
Josh AllenC20262042OOTP Page
Tom AllenRF20152021OOTP Page
Tom AllenSP20272037OOTP Page
Walt AllenC19781979OOTP Page
Wes AllenSP20192028OOTP Page
Wyatt Allen2B20282030OOTP Page
Dave Allende1B20032008OOTP Page
Pat AlleyMR20362045OOTP Page
Benji AllgoodRF20382044OOTP Page
Tom AllgoodThe Skull3B20292042OOTP Page
Walt Allgood3B19861986OOTP Page
Jamie AllieC20272034OOTP Page
Brendan Allison+SP20522061OOTP Page
Shawn AllisonSP20412047OOTP Page
Taylor Allison+C20512060OOTP Page
Steve AllmarkMR19821988OOTP Page
Byron AllomesCF20312036OOTP Page
Gustavo AlmarazMR20102021OOTP Page
Alexis AlmeydaSP19982000OOTP Page
Fernando AlmodovarMR20092009OOTP Page
Alejandro AlonsoMR20292035OOTP Page
Edgar Alonzo1B20372043OOTP Page
Jonathan Alonzo2B20082009OOTP Page
Miguel AlonzoSP19851991OOTP Page
Johnny Alpha1B20352039OOTP Page
Aníbal AlsinaRF19781988OOTP Page
Travis AlspaughSP20042008OOTP Page
Caleb AlstonTiggerMR19871993OOTP Page
Kevin AlstonSP20292046OOTP Page
Tariq Alston+SS20552061OOTP Page
Zack AltSP20062010OOTP Page
Anselmo AltahiranoMR19791992OOTP Page
Sal AltamiranoC20172019OOTP Page
Gil AlvaC20052005OOTP Page
Billy Alvarado3B20022017OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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