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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Zhi-qiang BaMR19781987OOTP Page
Gary BaanSP20472047OOTP Page
C.J. BaaseSP20182029OOTP Page
Manny BañuelosCF19911995OOTP Page
Dave Babb+2B20562060OOTP Page
Justin BabbageAntRF20312046OOTP Page
Omar BaberSparky3B20172026OOTP Page
Baltesar Babilo1B19942006OOTP Page
Ian BachandC20342034OOTP Page
Alf Bachelor2B20512055OOTP Page
J.R. Bachleda2B20102020OOTP Page
J.P. BacicSP20122025OOTP Page
Levi Backman+CL20552060OOTP Page
Ed BadamoLF20002010OOTP Page
Kegan BaeslerMR20472052OOTP Page
Joe Baet3B19831983OOTP Page
Ethan BaffordLF20082022OOTP Page
Pete BaggettLF19811984OOTP Page
Brandt Bagishaev+RF20592059OOTP Page
Pascoal Bagulho3B20102012OOTP Page
Javis BahariSS20532053OOTP Page
Micah Bahm1B20422046OOTP Page
Young-kwang BaiC20182027OOTP Page
Joham BaianoC20092018OOTP Page
Mack BaierC20472052OOTP Page
Chin-seok BaikSS20042005OOTP Page
Jin-soo BaikSP19972005OOTP Page
Colin Bailey1B20302042OOTP Page
Derek Bailey3B20392044OOTP Page
Dusty Bailey1B20312037OOTP Page
Ethan Bailey1B20262028OOTP Page
Jimmy BaileyGasolineLF20322034OOTP Page
Joey BaileyMR20232030OOTP Page
Joey Bailey1B20022002OOTP Page
Keith BaileyMR19831989OOTP Page
Ron BaileySP20252025OOTP Page
Steven Bailey2B20032012OOTP Page
Tom BaileyMR20162028OOTP Page
Alex BailonLF20282034OOTP Page
Johnathan Baird+RF20572060OOTP Page
Regin BaisdenSP20102027OOTP Page
Al BakerMR20102014OOTP Page
Deelon BakerC20232024OOTP Page
Ed Baker+LF20492060OOTP Page
Errick BakerSS20372040OOTP Page
Evan Baker+SP20552060OOTP Page
Jarrod BakerSS20222032OOTP Page
Jesse Baker+1B20492060OOTP Page
Josh BakerRF19791982OOTP Page
Pat BakerLF20262031OOTP Page
Todd BakerSP20042009OOTP Page
Tyler BakerSP19992004OOTP Page
Raúl BalderasMR19952002OOTP Page
Luca BaldiniMR20372037OOTP Page
Dave BaldwinSP20152029OOTP Page
Nathan Baldwin+2B20512059OOTP Page
Yuri BaldwinPunkSP20352048OOTP Page
Dusty BalesMR20332042OOTP Page
Zac BalikCF20392042OOTP Page
Jeremy BalistrieriFury1B20432051OOTP Page
Kristoffer BallSP20252040OOTP Page
Xavier Ball1B20572057OOTP Page
Jerry Ballard1B19961996OOTP Page
Jimmy BallardSP20142024OOTP Page
Trev BallardMR20452057OOTP Page
Terry BallekRF20132016OOTP Page
Joe Ballestero2B19781981OOTP Page
Vicente Ballesterous1B19781985OOTP Page
Bembe Ballestros2B19871987OOTP Page
Jimmy Ballew2B20292038OOTP Page
Vinnie Ballew+Music ManLF20602060OOTP Page
Taishawn Ballios+SP20522057OOTP Page
J.J. BallosMR19992013OOTP Page
Dave BallounCF19821986OOTP Page
Carlos BamentosCF19811996OOTP Page
Pat Bamford1B20252032OOTP Page
Winn BanburyJammer2B19781979OOTP Page
Gil BandaCF20212035OOTP Page
Domingo BandilloSS19781983OOTP Page
Fernando BandujoHit SquadMR19801988OOTP Page
Derek Bane+MR20532060OOTP Page
Hayden BaneySS20372048OOTP Page
Tanner BangleSP19982000OOTP Page
Dalton Banks+2B20592060OOTP Page
Joey BanksCF19781978OOTP Page
Johnny Banks2B20212027OOTP Page
Robby BanksRF19972000OOTP Page
Tariq Banks+1B20452058OOTP Page
Toby BanksRF19951996OOTP Page
Tom BanksSP20172020OOTP Page
Jonah BankstonMR20012005OOTP Page
Tom Bankston2B20192022OOTP Page
David BanosMR19982010OOTP Page
Liam BansfieldSS20412041OOTP Page
Antonio Banuelos1B20092025OOTP Page
Félix BanuelouMR19811988OOTP Page
Zhi-huan BaoSP20282035OOTP Page
Dave BaptisteSS20372038OOTP Page
Pancho BarajasRF19962005OOTP Page
Corby Barateli2B20532055OOTP Page
Don BarberMR19781979OOTP Page
Ron BarberSS20022012OOTP Page
Ron BarberRF20152018OOTP Page
William BarberLF20062017OOTP Page
Aquila BarberanSP19891997OOTP Page
Ian Barbour1B20062015OOTP Page
Ignacio Baretta3B19791979OOTP Page
Quintin BargenquastSS19781992OOTP Page
Tommy BargerC20392045OOTP Page
Geremia BarichelloMR20352049OOTP Page
Hyun-seung BarkCF20342045OOTP Page
Sang-yeon BarkSS20062010OOTP Page
Garrett BarkerTroll3B20442049OOTP Page
Pat BarkerBoomerang3B20212029OOTP Page
Zach BarkerSP19911993OOTP Page
Andy BarkleyMR20512051OOTP Page
Cody Barkley+2B20512060OOTP Page
Theodore Barkley+SP20502057OOTP Page
Phil BarksdaleC19831984OOTP Page
Nate BarlowMR19901997OOTP Page
D.J. Barnard2B20182028OOTP Page
Glenn BarnardRF19992000OOTP Page
Clint Barnes1B19962002OOTP Page
Dave BarnesLF19801980OOTP Page
Jody BarnesC19881990OOTP Page
Logan BarnesRF20372037OOTP Page
Marv BarnesRF19932000OOTP Page
Shaw BarnesLF19881993OOTP Page
Tom Barnes3B20152020OOTP Page
Al BarnettMR19871987OOTP Page
David BarnettCF20472051OOTP Page
Derek Barnett3B19801984OOTP Page
Jermaine Barnett3B19901991OOTP Page
Leif BarnettC20242028OOTP Page
Nate BarnettC19941998OOTP Page
Paxton Barnett+SS20582060OOTP Page
Warren BarnettSP20462046OOTP Page
D.J. BarneySP20282028OOTP Page
Sean BarneyMR20222025OOTP Page
Ron BarnhillSS20302038OOTP Page
Mat Barone3B20312043OOTP Page
Buzz BarrLF20522053OOTP Page
Jeric BarradasMR20352043OOTP Page
Jordan BarraganC20292031OOTP Page
Joe BarrantesEeyoreMR19841992OOTP Page
Morris BarreFatheadMR20442047OOTP Page
Benjamin BarreraDown HomeC20422042OOTP Page
Hector BarreraSS19962007OOTP Page
Dontavious BarrerasSP20402047OOTP Page
Cortez BarrerraSP19781985OOTP Page
Brogan Barrett+Million DollarSP20582060OOTP Page
Chuck BarrettC20382039OOTP Page
Robby Barrett1B20002001OOTP Page
Sean Barrett+RF20522059OOTP Page
J.D. BarretteMR20102011OOTP Page
Ed Barricks1B20162017OOTP Page
Alejandro Barriois3B19851986OOTP Page
Terciero BarrioisMR19811983OOTP Page
Angelo BarriosCF19972007OOTP Page
Edwin BarronC20052005OOTP Page
Javy Barroso2B20062006OOTP Page
Glen BarrowsSP19831993OOTP Page
Manuel BarrozoCajunCL19811985OOTP Page
Henley Barrrenho1B20402042OOTP Page
Conan BarryCF19911996OOTP Page
Pat BarshRF20112012OOTP Page
Chase Bartell1B20462055OOTP Page
Lennie BartelsC20452049OOTP Page
Collin BarthLF20462047OOTP Page
Tommy BartholomewSP20152025OOTP Page
Dave Bartis3B20282032OOTP Page
Dave BartkusC20242036OOTP Page
Lucero BasaloCF19841988OOTP Page
Oliverio BasciaDopeyCF19781979OOTP Page
Brendin Basham+MR20552060OOTP Page
Jamie BashamCF20332036OOTP Page
Travis BaskerCF19992012OOTP Page
Dave BassMR20012006OOTP Page
Horace Bass2B19942003OOTP Page
Jason BassCF20362044OOTP Page
River Bass3B19861989OOTP Page
Valentin BastideLF20322043OOTP Page
Derik BatchelderCL20172018OOTP Page
Garrett BatchelorC20212028OOTP Page
Rhett BatchelorMR20302035OOTP Page
Alan BatesC20422047OOTP Page
Bo BatesSS20242028OOTP Page
Don BatesMR19891990OOTP Page
Doug BatesSP19952001OOTP Page
Isaac Bates+CL20502060OOTP Page
Jimmy BatesSS20342038OOTP Page
Robby Bates2B20262033OOTP Page
Tom Battaglia3B20262028OOTP Page
Owen Batten+SS20462057OOTP Page
Norm BattleRF19931998OOTP Page
Greg Batton+MR20592060OOTP Page
Dave BauerMR20162030OOTP Page
Gabriel BaughHodge PodgeMR20422045OOTP Page
Zachary BaughSP20292039OOTP Page
T.J. Baumann3B20282028OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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