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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Ellis Sa'eedSP20472047OOTP Page
Kutre SaadauriSP20352037OOTP Page
Riley Saakyan+MR20532060OOTP Page
Kameron Saar+MR20542056OOTP Page
Rick SaavedraMR20372043OOTP Page
Bayard Sabola+SP20482057OOTP Page
Branden SaburiC20482048OOTP Page
Pat SaccoSS20282031OOTP Page
Negussu SadikiMR20022013OOTP Page
King SadirajSP20382051OOTP Page
Manny SaensSS20072013OOTP Page
Elroy Saenz+3B20542058OOTP Page
Ian SafarikCF20302035OOTP Page
Mitt Saginashvili+PorkerCF20572060OOTP Page
Derrick SahiriRF20382045OOTP Page
Aidan SahrLegendMR20272037OOTP Page
Shigetaka SaitoCF20162019OOTP Page
Yusuke SaitoCF20262027OOTP Page
Heita SakaiCL20082011OOTP Page
Sadakuno SakaiSP19801987OOTP Page
Elden SakamotoSS20432050OOTP Page
Hirotaka Sakamoto1B19952006OOTP Page
Seinosuke SakumaCL19912008OOTP Page
Valerio SalaedoSP19821982OOTP Page
Manny SalasMR20032007OOTP Page
Mauricio Salas2B20072016OOTP Page
Raúl Salas3B19871992OOTP Page
Alex SalazarMR20172034OOTP Page
Antonio SalazarMR20152018OOTP Page
Edgar SalazarMR19932014OOTP Page
Franklin SalazarCF20082016OOTP Page
Javier Salazar2B20252030OOTP Page
Tony SalazarCF20242025OOTP Page
Willie SalazarLF20152026OOTP Page
Danny SalcedoC20012014OOTP Page
Graciano SalcedoCL19781985OOTP Page
Jeylani Salcedo2B20482049OOTP Page
Dani SalcidoSP19911997OOTP Page
Jebediah SalcidoRF20462048OOTP Page
Joe SaldañaMR19922004OOTP Page
Pancho SaldañaLF19992000OOTP Page
Kentavious Saldana+SP20482057OOTP Page
Melvin SaldanaCF20062009OOTP Page
Oscar SaldanaMR20232032OOTP Page
Óscar SaldanhaLF19821986OOTP Page
Alex SaldivarRF20062006OOTP Page
Karcher SalehCF20472049OOTP Page
David SalgadoSP20092012OOTP Page
Dempsey SalgadoCL20532053OOTP Page
Chan SalgueroCF19851993OOTP Page
Danny SalinasMR20122019OOTP Page
Manny SalinasSP20022003OOTP Page
Marino Salinas2B20012003OOTP Page
Frisco SalinosCF19781979OOTP Page
Nicolas SalmelainenMR20382046OOTP Page
Ahmed Salter1B20342047OOTP Page
Joe SaltinesLF19781984OOTP Page
José SaluzzioMR19781980OOTP Page
Johnny SalvinoC20212022OOTP Page
Chano SalvivarSP19801983OOTP Page
Tyler SalzmanSP20082023OOTP Page
Joe SamalaC19781985OOTP Page
Vittorio SamaranoLF19781995OOTP Page
Lucas Sampley+3B20552060OOTP Page
Josh SampsonSS20372040OOTP Page
Joe SanabriaMR19821986OOTP Page
Albert SanchezMR19921996OOTP Page
Angelo SanchezSP20012011OOTP Page
Antonio SanchezLF20152020OOTP Page
Antonio Sanchez2B20142016OOTP Page
Beaumont Sanchez+LF20442059OOTP Page
Chet SanchezCF20352046OOTP Page
Enéas SanchezSP19781996OOTP Page
Enrique SanchezCF20112018OOTP Page
Gerardo SanchezMR20262040OOTP Page
Hector SanchezSS20122013OOTP Page
Ignacio SanchezMR20022011OOTP Page
Javy Sanchez2B20032016OOTP Page
Jerry SanchezLF20052015OOTP Page
José SanchezSS19781994OOTP Page
Leo SanchezCL20022002OOTP Page
Lorenzo SanchezCL20122023OOTP Page
Mike SanchezSP20092024OOTP Page
Oscar SanchezRF20082024OOTP Page
Reno SanchezC19791983OOTP Page
Rob Sanchez2B20082008OOTP Page
Robby SanchezMR20282036OOTP Page
Cristo Sandaval1B19841988OOTP Page
Bob Sanders3B19781982OOTP Page
Dave SandersLF20122017OOTP Page
Donovan SandersCF20512051OOTP Page
Ethan Sanders3B20372047OOTP Page
Jacoby Sanders1B20392043OOTP Page
Jarrod Sanders1B20182023OOTP Page
Jimmy SandersMR20302030OOTP Page
Josh SandersCosmosLF20292042OOTP Page
Max Sanderson+SS20572057OOTP Page
T.J. Sanderson1B19911992OOTP Page
Nate SandfordMR20302040OOTP Page
Joel Sandifer+MR20522053OOTP Page
Bobby SandovalSS20272031OOTP Page
Cristóbal Sandoval2B19902004OOTP Page
Darrion SandovalCF20332035OOTP Page
Diego SandovalRF20082013OOTP Page
Edward SandovalSP20382048OOTP Page
Jon SandovalMR20262036OOTP Page
Victor Sandoval1B20052011OOTP Page
Ted SandyC20182027OOTP Page
Brad SanfordSP19911999OOTP Page
Dave SantaC20172025OOTP Page
Luis SantaMR19831984OOTP Page
Brennon SantamariaSP20412041OOTP Page
Aquilino SantamarinaCF19781979OOTP Page
Abraham SantanaC20042020OOTP Page
Raimundo SantanaLF19781982OOTP Page
Alex SantiagoCF20062007OOTP Page
Alex SantiagoC20262041OOTP Page
Danny SantiagoRF20112019OOTP Page
Jerry Santiago3B20212023OOTP Page
Joe SantiagoCF19781988OOTP Page
Jon SantiagoSS20282042OOTP Page
Tony Santiargo3B19841989OOTP Page
Brian SantilliRF20532053OOTP Page
Pat SantilloMR20272031OOTP Page
Fresco SantistebanTaco1B19861986OOTP Page
Alex Santistevan2B20302031OOTP Page
J.R. SantoRF20172017OOTP Page
Brenden Santoro2B20352048OOTP Page
D.J. Santoro1B20332034OOTP Page
Alvin Santos2B19781982OOTP Page
Miguel SantosSP19781981OOTP Page
Tony SantosRF20122012OOTP Page
Xalbador SantosSP19781985OOTP Page
David Santoyo3B20022020OOTP Page
Joe SantoyoKnucklesSP19791981OOTP Page
Giovanny SapiaraC19861991OOTP Page
Adelaide SarafanaSP19991999OOTP Page
Fred SarazinSP20252037OOTP Page
Malcolm SardesonC19801981OOTP Page
Joe SargentiniLF19781986OOTP Page
Tommy SarinaMR20282028OOTP Page
Brinson Sarmiento+RF20602060OOTP Page
Ned Sartika+RF20582058OOTP Page
Rakim SartikaMR20512052OOTP Page
J.R. SartinCF20432047OOTP Page
Kaneo SasakiMR20112016OOTP Page
Nakazo SasakiChuckwagonSP19862002OOTP Page
Nobuo SasakiCL20212024OOTP Page
Ryusuke SasakiMR20232031OOTP Page
Miles SassMR20542055OOTP Page
J.P. Sather3B20282038OOTP Page
Atasuke SatoRF19921993OOTP Page
Kenichi Sato1B19841997OOTP Page
Takanibu SatoCF19781996OOTP Page
Tetsuya SatoCF20052006OOTP Page
Tsunayoshi SatoCL19781988OOTP Page
Noboru SatohSP19851985OOTP Page
Johnny Satterfield2B20272028OOTP Page
Sterling SatterfieldKing FishCL20392055OOTP Page
Balltesar SaturninoSP19911991OOTP Page
Amri SauSkipperLF19922006OOTP Page
David SaucedoMR20022011OOTP Page
Orlando SaucedoSS20002014OOTP Page
Steven SaucierLF20452053OOTP Page
Colby Saunders+CL20552060OOTP Page
Jesus SaundersSS20392039OOTP Page
Lachlan Saunderson1B20202020OOTP Page
Jimmy SavageCF20342034OOTP Page
Marcos SavageCF20342040OOTP Page
Nathan SavageMR20482051OOTP Page
Alex Savala3B20182020OOTP Page
Bill SavardMR19962011OOTP Page
J.D. SavinSP20102010OOTP Page
Andy Sawicki1B20482050OOTP Page
Tyler Sawtelle2B20022007OOTP Page
Franklin SawyerMR20472047OOTP Page
Joel Sawyer+SP20472060OOTP Page
Nazir Sawyer3B20252030OOTP Page
Ron SawyerMR20222029OOTP Page
Troy SaxeMR20012008OOTP Page
Brock SaxtonCF20092015OOTP Page
Joe SaxtonRF19871993OOTP Page
Sean SayersLF20392056OOTP Page
Turner SaylorCF20242028OOTP Page
Adrián SánchezC19881989OOTP Page
Anastasio SánchezMR19891989OOTP Page
Álex SánchezCF19971997OOTP Page
Cisco SánchezMR19941996OOTP Page
Cristián Sánchez2B19871993OOTP Page
Héctor SánchezMR19902000OOTP Page
Ignado SánchezSP19882002OOTP Page
Joe SánchezMR19892002OOTP Page
Pancho SánchezMR19921994OOTP Page
Pancho SánchezMR19922000OOTP Page
Pepe SánchezSS19991999OOTP Page
Pepe SánchezMR19952007OOTP Page
Pepe SánchezSP19921992OOTP Page
Raúl SánchezC19951995OOTP Page
Rubén Sánchez1B19851990OOTP Page
Rubén SánchezCF20012007OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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