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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Dave GabaldonC19962004OOTP Page
R.J. Gabriele+SoonerMR20582060OOTP Page
Ty GaddisSP20142018OOTP Page
Wes GaddyMR20242024OOTP Page
J.D. GadzinskiC20222026OOTP Page
Tommy GaetjensC20062014OOTP Page
Ernie GaglianoSP20132013OOTP Page
Philippe GagnéSP19821990OOTP Page
Cody GahaganC20392044OOTP Page
Wolde-Selassie Gahiji2B20332048OOTP Page
José GailanThrillseeker3B19781986OOTP Page
Bradley Gainer+MR20552060OOTP Page
Ed GainerCF20292037OOTP Page
Sammy Gaines2B19871994OOTP Page
Tommy GainesRF20172021OOTP Page
Melchior Galasso2B20432054OOTP Page
Joey GalbavyLF20002004OOTP Page
J.P. GalbreathCL20502052OOTP Page
Donnie GalbrechtLF20392044OOTP Page
Danny GalhardoCF20302034OOTP Page
Francisco Galhardo3B19811982OOTP Page
Blake Galik+DowntownMR20532060OOTP Page
Corey GalindoCL20402049OOTP Page
Roberto GalindoC20242034OOTP Page
Liam GallMR20512056OOTP Page
D.J. GallagherSP20192023OOTP Page
Doug GallagherMR19871996OOTP Page
Jesse GallagherRF20432046OOTP Page
Marlin GallagherCF20432045OOTP Page
Shane GallahueC19972004OOTP Page
Gustavo GallardoRF20002001OOTP Page
Iván GallóMR19902004OOTP Page
Cris GallegosSP19891993OOTP Page
Manny GallegosLF19931994OOTP Page
Rodger Gallegos3B19781987OOTP Page
Shelton Gallegos+ThumperC20602060OOTP Page
Jamie GallerSP20132021OOTP Page
Sean Gallina+RF20552060OOTP Page
Sean GallionC20212034OOTP Page
Roberto GalutiraSP20332042OOTP Page
Deval GalvanCL20362042OOTP Page
Izzy GalvanC20152015OOTP Page
Rubén GalvánSP19911991OOTP Page
Gertrudes GambinoCF20062015OOTP Page
David Gamboa1B19992018OOTP Page
Liam Gambrell+SP20542058OOTP Page
Danny GamezGuruCF20192022OOTP Page
Johnny GammonLF20272039OOTP Page
Oliver GanesvoortMR19801985OOTP Page
Tommy GanttMR20192029OOTP Page
Zachary Ganzer+MR20522058OOTP Page
Malaki GaraneC19811985OOTP Page
Malek GaraneC19871995OOTP Page
B.J. Garbarino1B20262027OOTP Page
Landon Garber+2B20532060OOTP Page
B.J. GarbersSS20362036OOTP Page
Cisco GarcíaCF19882000OOTP Page
Cisco GarcíaMR19911991OOTP Page
Cris GarcíaSP19951998OOTP Page
Iván GarcíaLF19882001OOTP Page
Iván GarcíaLF19881997OOTP Page
Iván García2B19852001OOTP Page
Iván GarcíaMR19891999OOTP Page
Jistic GarcíaLF19881989OOTP Page
Juan Carlos GarcíaC19901990OOTP Page
Juan Jose GarcíaSP19892000OOTP Page
Luis Antonio GarcíaMR19912001OOTP Page
Manny García1B20082008OOTP Page
Pancho GarcíaSP19881989OOTP Page
Pancho GarcíaMR19931993OOTP Page
Víctor García2B19922004OOTP Page
Víctor GarcíaSP19911995OOTP Page
Xever GarcedMR19811983OOTP Page
Addie GarciaSP20582058OOTP Page
Andy GarciaSS20082020OOTP Page
Archibaldo GarciaSP19841988OOTP Page
Benigno GarciaMumblesLF20032006OOTP Page
Bert Garcia3B20062006OOTP Page
Bill GarciaMR20052005OOTP Page
Bowie Garcia+SS20502060OOTP Page
Brandyn GarciaSP20372040OOTP Page
Coby GarciaMR20442056OOTP Page
Dallas Garcia2B20422051OOTP Page
Danny Garcia3B20202024OOTP Page
Danny GarciaLF20202031OOTP Page
Dave GarciaMR20132021OOTP Page
Edwin GarciaCutterMR20222026OOTP Page
Efrain GarciaSS19972005OOTP Page
Javier GarciaSP20002003OOTP Page
Kenyon GarciaSS20362050OOTP Page
Leo GarciaSP19972010OOTP Page
Melvin GarciaMR20022009OOTP Page
Nesty Garcia3B19952007OOTP Page
Oscar Garcia3B20062014OOTP Page
Pedro GarciaLF19841984OOTP Page
Ricky Garcia1B20242028OOTP Page
Rogelio GarciaSP19982007OOTP Page
Rolando GarciaC20452056OOTP Page
Tabor GarciaMR19821982OOTP Page
Tony GarciaSP20372037OOTP Page
Willie GarciaCF20022013OOTP Page
Toraidio GardeaMR19781988OOTP Page
A.J. GardingMR20272033OOTP Page
Dusty GardnerC20382038OOTP Page
Ernie GardnerMR20212035OOTP Page
J.P. GardnerMR20302044OOTP Page
Jamie Gardner2B20212022OOTP Page
Pat GardnerMR20162016OOTP Page
Robert GardnerRF19801980OOTP Page
Tom GardnerRF20312033OOTP Page
Giacobbe GaribaldiMR20322044OOTP Page
Melvin GaribaySP20142018OOTP Page
Nari Garin1B19982009OOTP Page
Micah GarlickC20212026OOTP Page
Micah GarlinghouseMR20362040OOTP Page
Joseph GarneauBane2B20382050OOTP Page
Darryl GarnerLF19972009OOTP Page
Dave Garner2B20162021OOTP Page
Dave Garner3B20202023OOTP Page
Oscar GarnerMR20472047OOTP Page
Tyler GarnerSP20072016OOTP Page
Xavier GarnettSS20102024OOTP Page
Waldo GarretsonC20362036OOTP Page
Ron GarrettCF20172021OOTP Page
Tony GarrettSP20272028OOTP Page
Grant GarrisonSP20412047OOTP Page
Conroy GarroneLF20392040OOTP Page
Bryce Garton+MR20602060OOTP Page
Tom GartonRascalSP20122020OOTP Page
Bert GarzaCF20282042OOTP Page
Cristóbal GarzaC19931993OOTP Page
Danny GarzaRF20282034OOTP Page
Diego Garza3B20162023OOTP Page
Nelson Garza3B20052007OOTP Page
Raúl GarzaSS19861988OOTP Page
Stevin GarzaSS20372046OOTP Page
Tony GarzaLF20082017OOTP Page
Bill GaskinCF19781979OOTP Page
Jim GaskinMR19781983OOTP Page
Fayne GassertMR20402045OOTP Page
Joe GassetLF19781983OOTP Page
Kaden GastonCrunchyC20292043OOTP Page
Zak GastonLF19932010OOTP Page
Joey Gatehouse1B20252028OOTP Page
Everett GatesLF20442057OOTP Page
Pat Gates1B19911993OOTP Page
Shawn GatesSP19862000OOTP Page
Jaylen GathersLF20262027OOTP Page
Cole GathmannMR20452056OOTP Page
Daniel GaticaMR20182021OOTP Page
Joe Gatierrez2B19791979OOTP Page
Hudson GattiLF20482049OOTP Page
Lawrence Gatzioudis+RF20482060OOTP Page
Montes GaudalupeCF19781981OOTP Page
Louis-Simon GaudetCF19841990OOTP Page
Joe GauinaGraveyardMR19781992OOTP Page
Erik GaultC20092022OOTP Page
Erik GauthierMR20182022OOTP Page
Todd GauthierHook1B20442051OOTP Page
Brendan GautierSP20282037OOTP Page
Derrik Gautier2B20442049OOTP Page
Oscar GaxiolaSP20072018OOTP Page
Aiden GaySP20142023OOTP Page
Joseph Gazdaru+3B20532057OOTP Page
Álex GómezSP19881999OOTP Page
Álex GómezLF19952017OOTP Page
Ánibal GómezSP19861988OOTP Page
Pancho GómezSP19981998OOTP Page
Dante GeakeSP19781988OOTP Page
Jimmy GearyCL20242024OOTP Page
Jamie GebhartMR20282031OOTP Page
Riley Geerdes+SP20532060OOTP Page
Jimmy GeertsemaDirt DogC20252030OOTP Page
Devin Geertz+C20512060OOTP Page
Toby Gehring1B20432049OOTP Page
Brody GehrisMR20472056OOTP Page
Buddy GehrkeSP19871987OOTP Page
Tom GeigerSP20272027OOTP Page
Tommy GeisslerRF20362037OOTP Page
Alfredo GelandezLF19781980OOTP Page
Joey GelinasSP20202030OOTP Page
Boone Gellings+C20502060OOTP Page
Cecilio GenoveseMR19851987OOTP Page
Luca GentileMR20372037OOTP Page
Tom GentnerSP19982011OOTP Page
Bill GentryLF19781982OOTP Page
Hugh GentryRF19912006OOTP Page
Pat Gentry2B20122016OOTP Page
Pete GentryLF19902003OOTP Page
C.J. Genuario3B20082023OOTP Page
Brooks GeorgeRF19821986OOTP Page
Jimmy GeorgeStormyCL20212032OOTP Page
Maxwell George2B20402051OOTP Page
Noah GeorgeSS19791996OOTP Page
William George2B20072019OOTP Page
Tyler GerardSP19952010OOTP Page
Alvin Gerbasi2B20522055OOTP Page
Alan Gerber3B20372048OOTP Page
Peyton Gerber+MR20552060OOTP Page
Kaleb GergelyBerserkerMR20502057OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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