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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Dave HabaRF20222025OOTP Page
Colton HabermehlLF20412042OOTP Page
Kimberly HaciniRF20412046OOTP Page
Beau Hackett3B20462052OOTP Page
Jimmy HackettSS20002010OOTP Page
Tucker HackneySP20392039OOTP Page
Chaz HaenleinSP20142017OOTP Page
Drew Haffner+MR20542060OOTP Page
Chase Hagarty+3B20572059OOTP Page
Edward Hagen+SS20492053OOTP Page
Tristan Hagen2B20322036OOTP Page
Roderick HagertyMR19811981OOTP Page
Cameron HaggardSP20432054OOTP Page
Dominic Hahl+SkullSP20502060OOTP Page
Braydon Hahn2B20492049OOTP Page
Herbert HaileSP19781983OOTP Page
A.J. Haines3B20042005OOTP Page
Othieno HainidiSP19991999OOTP Page
Erik HaireMR20192028OOTP Page
Jess Hajiev+CF20522055OOTP Page
Yifter HakkiCF20352042OOTP Page
Curt HaleMR19991999OOTP Page
Donte HaleFateRF20282030OOTP Page
Doug HaleLF19881995OOTP Page
Fred HaleMR20122012OOTP Page
Jerrod HaleElastic ManLF20392039OOTP Page
Tom HaleSP20142014OOTP Page
Brad HaleyC20012006OOTP Page
Draven HaleyRF20442053OOTP Page
Mike HalfyardMR19851986OOTP Page
Wayne HalfyardBlack JackMR19851985OOTP Page
Tim HaliburtounCF19791980OOTP Page
Ángel HalimeSP19781979OOTP Page
Allen HallLF19821983OOTP Page
Dave HallSP20152030OOTP Page
Dave HallMR20232023OOTP Page
Eric Hall3B19781978OOTP Page
Ian HallButchMR20022002OOTP Page
J.J. HallC20202032OOTP Page
J.R. HallC20282036OOTP Page
Joey HallLF20192021OOTP Page
Kyle HallCF20372038OOTP Page
Pat HallSP20182018OOTP Page
Robby HallSS20282032OOTP Page
Steven Hall+C20592060OOTP Page
Tarik HallMR20512057OOTP Page
Ted HallSP20122022OOTP Page
Tom HallSP20002007OOTP Page
Tom HallC20372041OOTP Page
Jimmy HallamSP20232040OOTP Page
Kory HallmanC20222026OOTP Page
Dave Hallock2B20132021OOTP Page
Chris Hallworth1B19821982OOTP Page
Curt HalpernLF19821987OOTP Page
Tony HaltomSP20492050OOTP Page
Ed Halton2B20282028OOTP Page
Clarence HalysSP19941994OOTP Page
Jimmy HamLF20232027OOTP Page
Tom HamThe SpiralMR20152025OOTP Page
Manabu HamadaSP20242039OOTP Page
Samuel Hamblin+CF20602060OOTP Page
Pat HamillMR20222027OOTP Page
T.J. HamillMR20302039OOTP Page
Al HamiltonRF19942011OOTP Page
Dalton Hamilton+1B20482060OOTP Page
Ed HamiltonSS20212022OOTP Page
Mat HamiltonSP20312031OOTP Page
Rich HamiltonSP19781980OOTP Page
Frank Hamlet1B19791990OOTP Page
Kip HammMR19841995OOTP Page
Pat Hammill3B20132020OOTP Page
Grant Hammond+MR20532057OOTP Page
Riley HammondMR20382041OOTP Page
Ron Hammond3B20212030OOTP Page
Milt HammondsMR20152028OOTP Page
Bob HamptonMR20422042OOTP Page
Darryl HamptonLF20232023OOTP Page
Erik Hampton2B20162021OOTP Page
Gary HamptonCountrySP20492056OOTP Page
Oscar Hampton2B20432043OOTP Page
Pete Hampton1B19861999OOTP Page
Kang-xi HanSP19961998OOTP Page
Troy HanbackSP19962011OOTP Page
Tristan Hancock2B20212026OOTP Page
Dave HandMR20212029OOTP Page
John Handley3B19801985OOTP Page
Bailey HandyRF20332039OOTP Page
Joey HandysideMR20272038OOTP Page
Dave HaneyC20032007OOTP Page
Mac HaneyRF20452051OOTP Page
Wan-hua HangSP20332044OOTP Page
Joey HankinsSP20052005OOTP Page
Garrett Hanks1B20492052OOTP Page
Gil HanksSP20272029OOTP Page
Mat HanksMR20022002OOTP Page
Zack HanleyMR20272039OOTP Page
Hua-ding HannC19901994OOTP Page
C.J. Hannabass3B20282035OOTP Page
Shavar Hannan+MR20582060OOTP Page
Matt HanniganMR19791982OOTP Page
Brian HanrahanGiant KillerCL19781998OOTP Page
Amani Hansen+SpeedyCF20502059OOTP Page
Jesse HansenMR20482056OOTP Page
John HansenSP19781982OOTP Page
Kris Hansen+MR20562060OOTP Page
Malcolm HansenSparrowLF19781985OOTP Page
Reese HansenSP20422046OOTP Page
Ralph HanshawMR19791987OOTP Page
Dave HansonLF20282029OOTP Page
Elijah HansonCF19972001OOTP Page
J.J. HansonC20182029OOTP Page
Tate HansonC20242034OOTP Page
Hyuk HarSP20282038OOTP Page
Kunio HaraC20082011OOTP Page
Soetsu HaraSP19942000OOTP Page
Hidemichi HaradaCF19781979OOTP Page
Hidetoshi HaraguchiRF20062023OOTP Page
Ben HarberRF19781978OOTP Page
John HarbisonRF19781988OOTP Page
Wilton Harcourt2B19781992OOTP Page
Earl HardSS20372041OOTP Page
Chad HardenMR19901995OOTP Page
Curt Hardin3B19942006OOTP Page
Eddie HardinRF20502057OOTP Page
Logan HardingRF20462046OOTP Page
Bill HardwickC20002015OOTP Page
Dave HardySP20072011OOTP Page
Ray HardyLF19781982OOTP Page
Ron Hare1B20262032OOTP Page
Joey HargisSP20262026OOTP Page
Tom Hargis1B20122016OOTP Page
Dave HarmonMR20182026OOTP Page
Taylor Harmon3B20422044OOTP Page
Dave HarmonySP20132032OOTP Page
Ethan HarmsMR20062007OOTP Page
Rickey HarmsCF20472049OOTP Page
J.D. Harper3B20172022OOTP Page
Jamie Harper1B20202027OOTP Page
Sonny HarperMR20182025OOTP Page
Todd HarperSP20462046OOTP Page
Will Harper+1B20442059OOTP Page
Gil Harran2B19801987OOTP Page
Abel Harreld+MR20552060OOTP Page
Aidan HarrellRF20362043OOTP Page
Erik HarrellCL19991999OOTP Page
Erik HarrellSP20272038OOTP Page
Ed Harren2B20082009OOTP Page
Jeremy HarrimanBossMR19781979OOTP Page
Dave HarringtonSP20252028OOTP Page
Glen HarringtonCoffinMR19942004OOTP Page
Jaden HarringtonRF20182019OOTP Page
Micah HarringtonMR20212029OOTP Page
Pat HarringtonSP20202026OOTP Page
Victor Harrington1B20382043OOTP Page
Antonio HarrisMR20172024OOTP Page
Arthur HarrisCL19781978OOTP Page
Dave HarrisMR20122020OOTP Page
Dennis HarrisMR19811981OOTP Page
Devon HarrisMR20382043OOTP Page
Geoff HarrisTrashmasterC20392040OOTP Page
Gordie HarrisC20302046OOTP Page
Ian HarrisDeranged1B20242031OOTP Page
Ian HarrisSS20282037OOTP Page
J.V. HarrisCL20542054OOTP Page
Jermaine Harris1B20152019OOTP Page
Jimmy Harris1B20242027OOTP Page
Khalil Harris3B20342051OOTP Page
Pat HarrisMR20372038OOTP Page
Trejean HarrisLF20422050OOTP Page
Whitney Harris+MR20572060OOTP Page
C.J. HarrisonSS20352042OOTP Page
Eldon HarrisonCF19901993OOTP Page
J.D. HarrisonDeaconCL20292041OOTP Page
Jared HarrisonLF20462055OOTP Page
Jon HarrisonRF20392044OOTP Page
Pat HarrisonC19972006OOTP Page
Wes HarrisonMR19962000OOTP Page
Willie HarrisonSP19952005OOTP Page
Robby HarshMR19981998OOTP Page
Erik HartMR20032003OOTP Page
Lukas Hart+RF20522060OOTP Page
Shaun HartSS20302033OOTP Page
Troy HartLF20022007OOTP Page
Robby Hartley1B20342040OOTP Page
Blake Hartman1B20382046OOTP Page
Erick Hartman+CF20492058OOTP Page
Tom HartshornRF19781985OOTP Page
Tyler HartwellMR20122012OOTP Page
Daniel HartwigMR20392042OOTP Page
Pat HartzellTwo ShoesCF20132020OOTP Page
Johnny HarvellSS20122013OOTP Page
Cody HarveyMR20372046OOTP Page
Jarrod HarveyLF20122015OOTP Page
Jonas HarvilleSP20482051OOTP Page
Ron HarwardRF20092018OOTP Page
Erik HarwellMR20082010OOTP Page
Ronald Harwood3B19992006OOTP Page
Takenao HasegawaSS19942004OOTP Page
Eddie Hasenkamp+MR20592059OOTP Page
Kirk HashSP19781981OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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