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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Neall Rabah+3B20482053OOTP Page
Todd RabbMR20112023OOTP Page
Johnny RabeMR19781980OOTP Page
Pat RabideauRF20012001OOTP Page
Dave RabunSP20272030OOTP Page
Curt RaceGopherSP19912000OOTP Page
Seth RaceLF20022011OOTP Page
Benjamin Racek+SP20522053OOTP Page
C.J. RackhamSP20002014OOTP Page
Jude Rackley+CL20452053OOTP Page
Leslie RadcliffeCF20232024OOTP Page
Tyler RadcliffeLF20392050OOTP Page
Gil RaderC20062013OOTP Page
Dan RadfordRF20162021OOTP Page
Dave RadtkeMR20362042OOTP Page
Nicholas Rae+SP20402052OOTP Page
Pat RafteryLF20312040OOTP Page
Tom Ragosta2B20172019OOTP Page
Johnny RaifordSP20302030OOTP Page
Harry RaileySS19781979OOTP Page
Tristan RaimondiSS20202033OOTP Page
Tony RajannaRF19811990OOTP Page
Tom RakitaSP20272037OOTP Page
Pat RaleighC20052014OOTP Page
Paris RaleyC20432045OOTP Page
Barto RamairezSP19801988OOTP Page
Dario RamalesSP20082009OOTP Page
Cisco Ramírez1B19961996OOTP Page
Cristóbal RamírezHeadhunterSS19911998OOTP Page
Cristián RamírezMR19861993OOTP Page
Héctor Ramírez1B19961996OOTP Page
Ismael RamírezMR19952010OOTP Page
Joe Ramírez1B19942001OOTP Page
Joe RamírezMR19891993OOTP Page
Juan Carlos RamírezRF19851988OOTP Page
Julián RamírezMR19971998OOTP Page
Luis Antonio RamírezSP19841988OOTP Page
Manny RamírezMR19891992OOTP Page
Raúl RamírezSS19921992OOTP Page
Raúl Ramírez1B19932000OOTP Page
Rubén RamírezC19851985OOTP Page
Víctor RamírezLF19901996OOTP Page
Wessin Ramírez1B19952011OOTP Page
Erick Ramert+SP20522052OOTP Page
Ángel RamezSP19781982OOTP Page
Franklin RamiresMR20162030OOTP Page
Alejandro RamirezSP19992006OOTP Page
Braden RamirezSP20492049OOTP Page
Deonte RamirezMR20382043OOTP Page
Hayden Ramirez+MR20502051OOTP Page
Jordan RamirezMR19951997OOTP Page
Judd Ramirez+1B20402053OOTP Page
Manny RamirezSP19961999OOTP Page
Mio RamirezRF19821985OOTP Page
Rob RamirezMR20012003OOTP Page
Roger Ramirez1B20072017OOTP Page
Satchel Ramirez+CrayonMR20392052OOTP Page
Veto Ramirez3B19781978OOTP Page
Benigno RamosLF19821987OOTP Page
Dominic Ramos+MR20522052OOTP Page
Monty RamosLF20482050OOTP Page
Omar Ramos3B19982004OOTP Page
Rafael RamosC19811987OOTP Page
Tony RamosSP20332047OOTP Page
Jimmy RamsayC20262030OOTP Page
Dusty RamseyThe CometMR20202021OOTP Page
Rod RamseyMR19891996OOTP Page
Frank Rancourt2B19831993OOTP Page
Jim Rancourt3B20122013OOTP Page
Jamie RandallsSP20202026OOTP Page
Rafael RandezMR19811990OOTP Page
Kien-lung RangC20132021OOTP Page
Carl RangelC20432049OOTP Page
Ricky RangelSP19962005OOTP Page
Carrington RaoCF20472048OOTP Page
Amonte Raper+LF20472053OOTP Page
Tristan RapierSP20182022OOTP Page
Jimmy RasmussenBossMR20302036OOTP Page
B.J. RatcliffMR20272039OOTP Page
Fred RatleyExpress1B20182031OOTP Page
Cad RaubSS20452052OOTP Page
Gernot rauffenburg1B19841984OOTP Page
Trevor Rauschenberger1B20472047OOTP Page
Dave RauthCF20122018OOTP Page
Bailey Ray+CF20492053OOTP Page
Geoff RayC19992002OOTP Page
J.J. RaySP20252037OOTP Page
Shawn Ray1B19911999OOTP Page
Stu RayC19891991OOTP Page
Isaiah RayfieldC20362039OOTP Page
Jamie RaymerTrojanMR20032016OOTP Page
Chad RaymondSP20242032OOTP Page
Greg RaymondMR19871990OOTP Page
Kaleb RaymondMR20182034OOTP Page
Hector RaymundoTracks3B20232024OOTP Page
Joe Rayneri1B19801987OOTP Page
Jimmy RazzaDemonSP20112023OOTP Page
Raúl RíosSP19891997OOTP Page
Álex RúbioC19921998OOTP Page
Junior RúbioMR19901996OOTP Page
Tanner ReaderSP19861990OOTP Page
Glen Reagan1B19781988OOTP Page
Quinn Reagan+MR20422050OOTP Page
Jarod ReamLF20242031OOTP Page
Jed ReandeauLF20432046OOTP Page
Dusty ReardenC20192025OOTP Page
Pat ReardonMR19811995OOTP Page
Dusty ReberSP19992001OOTP Page
Jorge RebeteranoThumperRF19831989OOTP Page
Miguel RecaldeSP19841993OOTP Page
Erik Redding3B20242034OOTP Page
Harry RedfieldC19801981OOTP Page
Ezekiel RedfordCF20302041OOTP Page
Shayne Redmond+2B20482052OOTP Page
Ash ReedMR19841986OOTP Page
Chet ReedC19841997OOTP Page
Colin Reed2B19982011OOTP Page
Ed ReedRF20252030OOTP Page
Gaige ReedCF20492050OOTP Page
James Reed+SS20482053OOTP Page
Loren ReedRF19932000OOTP Page
Pat ReedSP20352039OOTP Page
Pete ReedLF19992000OOTP Page
Thom Reed2B19911998OOTP Page
Tom ReedSP20162029OOTP Page
Tom ReedyC20092017OOTP Page
Dallas Reese+LF20522052OOTP Page
Don Reese1B19972004OOTP Page
Eric ReeseSP19801988OOTP Page
Ken ReeseSP19971997OOTP Page
Nigel ReeseCL20342048OOTP Page
Jimmy ReevesRF20182018OOTP Page
Jordan Reeves+RascalLF20342052OOTP Page
Pat ReevesMR20272038OOTP Page
Zack ReevesSP20052025OOTP Page
Ivan RegaladoSP20062008OOTP Page
Dave Regan+CF20502053OOTP Page
Ryan Rege+C20522053OOTP Page
Dusty RegerC20302033OOTP Page
Porter ReichertSP20492050OOTP Page
Mark ReidSP19811984OOTP Page
T.J. Reid1B20332033OOTP Page
Bill ReillyMR19781980OOTP Page
Charlie Reilly+SP20492053OOTP Page
Elijah Reilly3B20242032OOTP Page
Ty Reinhart+SP20492049OOTP Page
Nathan Reinhold+MR20432052OOTP Page
Jimmy ReiningerC20112011OOTP Page
Sage Reinisch+SS20522053OOTP Page
Geoff ReisingerCF20172026OOTP Page
J.D. ReissC20312034OOTP Page
Hamilton RemySS19851993OOTP Page
Mike RemyMR19781987OOTP Page
Alex Rendon3B20102017OOTP Page
Pat ReneTaco2B20242029OOTP Page
Matt RenfroMR19871987OOTP Page
Zander RensbergerSS20442045OOTP Page
Joe RenteziaMR19811983OOTP Page
Roberto RentriaMR19831983OOTP Page
Ty Repp+MR20412052OOTP Page
Roano RequateMR19841984OOTP Page
HLe RequeiraSP19851986OOTP Page
Eddie ResendezMR19942005OOTP Page
Danny ResendizMR20032003OOTP Page
Mark RestadMR20402044OOTP Page
Edwin Reta2B20212025OOTP Page
Patrick ReuberSP20372039OOTP Page
Louie ReutterSP20282044OOTP Page
Márcio RevelaRF19992000OOTP Page
Iván RevelesMR19841992OOTP Page
Garett Rex+2B20442050OOTP Page
T.J. ReyburnMR20162027OOTP Page
Christopher Reyes+CF20432053OOTP Page
Cristián Reyes2B19931993OOTP Page
Evan ReyesSP20432050OOTP Page
Franklin ReyesSP20182020OOTP Page
Ismael Reyes1B19922005OOTP Page
Joe Reyes3B19781983OOTP Page
Joe ReyesSS19921999OOTP Page
Jon'te ReyesRF20422042OOTP Page
Kahron Reyes2B20362044OOTP Page
Manny ReyesCF20042019OOTP Page
Mel ReyesSP20112025OOTP Page
Nelson ReyesSP19992007OOTP Page
Orlando ReyesMR19962000OOTP Page
Raúl ReyesMR19871997OOTP Page
Raúl ReyesMR19912000OOTP Page
Raúl ReyesCL19892005OOTP Page
Rey Reyes+MR20502053OOTP Page
Tony ReyesSS19921996OOTP Page
Xalvador Reyes2B19821984OOTP Page
David Reyna2B20142015OOTP Page
Diego ReynaMR20162017OOTP Page
Héctor ReynaLF19921997OOTP Page
Manny ReynaMR20142025OOTP Page
Bill Reynolds2B19801981OOTP Page
Ian ReynoldsLF20022013OOTP Page
J.J. ReynoldsSP20092012OOTP Page
Jaiden ReynoldsSP20222032OOTP Page
Ron ReynoldsSS20112013OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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