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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Bronson O'BrienRF19941994OOTP Page
Dave O'BrienCF19781987OOTP Page
Josiah O'BrienSP20552055OOTP Page
Kyle O'Brien+RF20542057OOTP Page
Logan O'Brien1B20492052OOTP Page
Joe O'ConnelanSP19781985OOTP Page
Phil O'ConnellSP20522052OOTP Page
Ryan O'ConnorsSP19831987OOTP Page
Ron O'DeaCF19841991OOTP Page
Kevyn O'DennehySP19781979OOTP Page
Dave O'DuanaMR19841992OOTP Page
Eddie O'Fallon1B19781990OOTP Page
Ron O'Fallon1B19861998OOTP Page
Tim O'FayCF19781991OOTP Page
Don O'Finegan1B19881998OOTP Page
Joey O'FitzmauriceSP19791979OOTP Page
Kevyn O'Flynn+RF20552057OOTP Page
Don O'FureyC19902000OOTP Page
Clay O'Gara+SP20562060OOTP Page
Martin O'HamillC19781986OOTP Page
Dawson O'HaraLF20492051OOTP Page
Jamie O'HearnCF20142033OOTP Page
Dale O'HegartySS19831999OOTP Page
Phil O'keefe1B19891989OOTP Page
Jimmy O'LoughlinButchSP19781989OOTP Page
Gil O'MooreSP19801996OOTP Page
Darryl O'Neal2B19881991OOTP Page
Robby O'NealOld Nick1B20182029OOTP Page
Robby O'NealSP19992009OOTP Page
Tristan O'Neal+MR20552060OOTP Page
Ty O'Neil1B20382045OOTP Page
Clarence O'NeillCL19951995OOTP Page
Tristen O'NeillSS20392042OOTP Page
Hugh O'Quinn1B19961999OOTP Page
Joe O'RaffertyRF19831984OOTP Page
Glen O'ReillyMR19962000OOTP Page
Tommy O'ReillyRadar1B20262028OOTP Page
Willie O'ReillySP19952005OOTP Page
Charlie O'RoganSP19821994OOTP Page
Charlie O'Rourke3B19901992OOTP Page
Chris O'SextonC19791979OOTP Page
Ozzy O'TooleMR20382042OOTP Page
Xander Oakley+C20452056OOTP Page
Absolan ObayanaCF20402044OOTP Page
Ian OberleMR20242033OOTP Page
Fernando OcampoMR20122022OOTP Page
Manny OcampoSP19912004OOTP Page
C.J. OcchiogrossoLF20272037OOTP Page
Chicho OchoaLF19781992OOTP Page
Enrique OchoaC20122023OOTP Page
Manny OchoaMR20092021OOTP Page
Job Odhieng+MR20572057OOTP Page
Travis OelschlagerMR19942009OOTP Page
Masuho OgawaSP20302033OOTP Page
Yaichiro Ogawa2B19921997OOTP Page
Johnny OgrenCF20372039OOTP Page
Willie OgstonMR19931998OOTP Page
Pete Ogstoun2B20012001OOTP Page
Cheong-weon OhMR19902005OOTP Page
Masashige OhayashiLF19861989OOTP Page
Geoff OhlingerMR20042018OOTP Page
Jamie OhmerSP20062012OOTP Page
Ssekien OhmiyaSP19831983OOTP Page
Kitahachi OhtaLF19941998OOTP Page
Carlos OjeaSP19871989OOTP Page
Teru Oka1B19992009OOTP Page
Norio OkamotoCF20202025OOTP Page
Tamasaburo OkamotoMR19931999OOTP Page
Douglas Okeyo+SP20532060OOTP Page
Ari OkimotoAnt2B20362040OOTP Page
Tatsuya OkinakaMR20282036OOTP Page
Tomotaka OkudaC20262032OOTP Page
Shinji OkumaSP19851985OOTP Page
Naruhiko OkumuraSP19851985OOTP Page
Jordan OlanMR19991999OOTP Page
Wilfredo OlavarriaLF19781981OOTP Page
Vidal OlberaSP19781990OOTP Page
Zachary OldhamRF20062022OOTP Page
Shamar OldsMR20312031OOTP Page
Enrique OlguinSS20132014OOTP Page
Andrew OligerSS20482048OOTP Page
Nolan Olinger+MR20602060OOTP Page
Fernando OlivaresSP20082011OOTP Page
Willie OlivasSP20202023OOTP Page
Jamie OliverMR20102010OOTP Page
Lawson OliverMR20422045OOTP Page
Max OliverLizardCL19791991OOTP Page
Stu OliverCL20062014OOTP Page
David Oliveras3B20122013OOTP Page
Iván OlivoCL19892007OOTP Page
Geoff OlmsteadRF20192020OOTP Page
Kyle OlmstedSalesmanRF20412058OOTP Page
Ian OlsenSP20282039OOTP Page
Joseph Olsen+CF20582060OOTP Page
Brendan Olson1B20032015OOTP Page
Fred OlsonC20162016OOTP Page
Jason OlsonSP20522053OOTP Page
Micah OlsonFly By NightSS20202023OOTP Page
Pat OlsonSP20042005OOTP Page
Stanley Olson+SP20522059OOTP Page
Trevon OlveraHooverSS20412054OOTP Page
Dusty OmohundroSS19982004OOTP Page
Yutaka OmuraMR20122023OOTP Page
D.J. OnetoMR20162019OOTP Page
Tomio OnoGodzillaSP20212036OOTP Page
Jou OnomotoLF19801988OOTP Page
Reid OnoratoMR20262039OOTP Page
Antonio OntiverosCF20092023OOTP Page
Iván OntiverosSS19911998OOTP Page
Trae Onyebuchi+SP20542059OOTP Page
Ángelo OpioRF19781995OOTP Page
Pat OravecCF20162018OOTP Page
Dusty OrbonSP20152031OOTP Page
Derren OrdonezLF20422045OOTP Page
Mario Ordunao3B19811985OOTP Page
Victor OrellanaLF20102013OOTP Page
Torren Orji+SP20512060OOTP Page
C.J. OrlandoRF20262027OOTP Page
Keegan Orman+MR20512055OOTP Page
Alex Ornelas2B20072009OOTP Page
Anthone Ornelas+SS20522056OOTP Page
Ángelo OrozcoSP19951996OOTP Page
Greyson OrozcoMR20482048OOTP Page
Héctor OrozcoC19881989OOTP Page
Joe OrozcoSP19781992OOTP Page
Jon OrozcoSP20372040OOTP Page
José OrozcoStickySP19781980OOTP Page
Julián OrozcoMR19861996OOTP Page
Dana Orr2B19931994OOTP Page
Nathan OrrCF20432047OOTP Page
Chicho OrsiniSS19781985OOTP Page
Anastasio Ortíz2B19992003OOTP Page
Clarence OrtízDoodleCL19902006OOTP Page
Dani OrtízLF19961999OOTP Page
Manny Ortíz3B19962006OOTP Page
Manny OrtízSP19881999OOTP Page
Dario Ortega2B20142015OOTP Page
Ismael OrtegaSP19921995OOTP Page
J.J. Ortega+MR20562060OOTP Page
Jarret Ortega2B20362044OOTP Page
Patrido OrtegaMR19781984OOTP Page
Roberto OrtegaSP20042014OOTP Page
Ruben OrtegaCL20212022OOTP Page
Alex OrtigozaSP20102010OOTP Page
Antonio OrtizCF20062006OOTP Page
Ciaran OrtizMerlinSP20372044OOTP Page
Danny Ortiz1B20382039OOTP Page
Enrique OrtizScoopsSP20142026OOTP Page
Fernando Ortiz2B20032022OOTP Page
Gil Ortiz2B20032010OOTP Page
Hernando OrtizMR19811991OOTP Page
Israel OrtizMR19982010OOTP Page
Jahmel Ortiz+HillbillyC20592060OOTP Page
Jaime OrtizSS20282028OOTP Page
Jamari OrtizWarriorMR20322037OOTP Page
Jarquez OrtizMR20412051OOTP Page
Juan OrtizRF19851990OOTP Page
Marco OrtizSP20262031OOTP Page
Mel OrtizLF20042008OOTP Page
Cassius Orton+MR20562058OOTP Page
Platón Ortuz1B19801987OOTP Page
Dave OsbornSP20382039OOTP Page
Ron OsbornSP20152029OOTP Page
Caspian OsborneSP20402044OOTP Page
Logan Osborne+MR20602060OOTP Page
Todd Osborne2B19811987OOTP Page
Jerry OsbournCF20422048OOTP Page
D.J. Osburn1B20352048OOTP Page
Tom OsburnSP20072009OOTP Page
Ian Ose3B20162017OOTP Page
Frank OsejoSS20052005OOTP Page
Moisés OsesSP19791979OOTP Page
Tom OshmanDemoSP20012013OOTP Page
Fred OsierSS20242024OOTP Page
Alton Osler1B20422044OOTP Page
Tony OsorioSP20112018OOTP Page
Orion OsowskiC20422042OOTP Page
J.R. OssC20252025OOTP Page
Dusty OsteenLF20282041OOTP Page
Joseph OstermanCF20422054OOTP Page
Alexis Ostermeyer1B20432045OOTP Page
Jamie OstingHulkMR20202027OOTP Page
Florentino Ostorga2B19841988OOTP Page
Tyson Oswald3B20232029OOTP Page
Ikku OtaZombieSS20152022OOTP Page
Mitsuchika Ota1B20292029OOTP Page
Alejandro Otanez2B20402048OOTP Page
Alex Otero3B20072022OOTP Page
Andrew OteroSS20392051OOTP Page
Katsunori OtoCF20042019OOTP Page
Yasutoki Otsuka3B19781980OOTP Page
Johnny OttMR19992006OOTP Page
Yi Ou-yangMR20302037OOTP Page
Jaap OuwendijkSP19952000OOTP Page
Karol OuwensSP19841984OOTP Page
Joe Ovando3B19841996OOTP Page
Victor OverackerRF20242030OOTP Page
Ted Overton3B20032003OOTP Page
Micah OverturffSS20262038OOTP Page
Elias Owen+ClapperLF20502060OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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