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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Ian WaddellC20012001OOTP Page
Jackson Waddell+SP20552060OOTP Page
Dave WaddingtonSP20272037OOTP Page
Colt WadeSP19922003OOTP Page
Eric WadeMR20262035OOTP Page
Nathaniel WadeC20502054OOTP Page
Robby WadeC20282028OOTP Page
Stewart WadeSP20492049OOTP Page
Tymell Wade+3B20562060OOTP Page
Jamie WaechterMR20332040OOTP Page
Scott Waggoner1B20552055OOTP Page
Vic WaggonerMR19891989OOTP Page
Al Wagner+C20592060OOTP Page
Dave WagnerLF20262037OOTP Page
Dave WagnerCF20142018OOTP Page
Pat WaigandSS20182029OOTP Page
Eskinder WairimuMR19942007OOTP Page
Clint WaitsSP19811987OOTP Page
R.J. WajdaMR20112020OOTP Page
Katsumoto WakatabeRF19781980OOTP Page
Kenshiro WakiMR20302038OOTP Page
P.T. WakihuriSP20422053OOTP Page
Jordon WakilSP20402050OOTP Page
Carl Walden+SP20492060OOTP Page
Cordell Walden2B20442044OOTP Page
Ron Waldner1B20312034OOTP Page
Jamie Waldron1B20302039OOTP Page
Ron WalesSP20112011OOTP Page
Daryl Walken+RF20422060OOTP Page
Ajani WalkerDivine1B20422051OOTP Page
Arlen WalkerMR20002000OOTP Page
Artie WalkerC19952002OOTP Page
Bryce WalkerMR20422054OOTP Page
Dakari WalkerLF20372043OOTP Page
Dave WalkerSP20162030OOTP Page
Erik WalkerCF20342040OOTP Page
J.J. WalkerCF19931996OOTP Page
J.J. Walker1B20202022OOTP Page
Jeremy WalkerLF19861990OOTP Page
Jimmy WalkerMR20252034OOTP Page
Jimmy Walker2B20162018OOTP Page
Kayden WalkerSmokeSP20122023OOTP Page
Liam Walker+RF20542056OOTP Page
Micheal WalkerMR19962000OOTP Page
Omari WalkerBluto1B20342036OOTP Page
Shamar WalkerMR20372037OOTP Page
T.J. Walker1B19951996OOTP Page
Lou WalkupSP19791983OOTP Page
Artie Wallace2B19901997OOTP Page
Brian WallaceCF20402055OOTP Page
Bryce Wallace1B20402047OOTP Page
Chip WallaceSP19891991OOTP Page
Chris WallaceCF19781985OOTP Page
Diego WallaceC20392041OOTP Page
Jaylen Wallace3B20262032OOTP Page
Jeremiah WallaceBuckySP19851997OOTP Page
Loren WallaceLF19892002OOTP Page
Pat Wallace2B19982003OOTP Page
Tom WallaceSP20142019OOTP Page
Tom WallaceSS20382039OOTP Page
Tom WallaceLF20282030OOTP Page
Zack WallaceMR20082018OOTP Page
Ron WallenMR20182033OOTP Page
Vic WallenCF20032004OOTP Page
Bill WallerCosmoSP19781986OOTP Page
Joey WallerMR20142014OOTP Page
J.R. WallingRF20062010OOTP Page
J.R. Walling3B20272036OOTP Page
Travis WallisRF20032013OOTP Page
Matt WallsMR19791979OOTP Page
Chad WalshCF19991999OOTP Page
Tavis WalsheCF20472055OOTP Page
Travis WalterSP20022002OOTP Page
Malik WaltersMR20102019OOTP Page
Pat Walters1B19891994OOTP Page
Seth WaltersRF19992004OOTP Page
Zander WaltersSP19891999OOTP Page
Chet WaltonCF19932006OOTP Page
Pat Walton1B20292039OOTP Page
Joey Walz1B20202030OOTP Page
JaQuan Wamugunda+SP20482060OOTP Page
Neil Wanat+LF20552060OOTP Page
Laurence WandabaMR20492054OOTP Page
Jessy WangMR20472050OOTP Page
Johnathan Wang+StonyLF20592060OOTP Page
Laird Wang+MR20552055OOTP Page
Min-zhong WangMR20112012OOTP Page
Saul WangSP20402048OOTP Page
George WannenmacherCF19811982OOTP Page
Craig WanzerBoomerang1B20232028OOTP Page
Artie WardC19871994OOTP Page
Artie WardC19861998OOTP Page
Brendon WardMR20222023OOTP Page
Clark WardC19821987OOTP Page
Davey Ward+MR20602060OOTP Page
Erik WardSS20262038OOTP Page
J.D. WardSP20272035OOTP Page
Jerry WardLF19891990OOTP Page
Jimmy WardC20282032OOTP Page
Jonathon WardSP19911999OOTP Page
Josh Ward1B20182024OOTP Page
Logan WardC20512053OOTP Page
Owen Ward+MuleSP20532060OOTP Page
Robby Ward3B20212028OOTP Page
Shane WardMR20042014OOTP Page
Tom WardMR20352035OOTP Page
Kyle WardaMR20402040OOTP Page
D.J. WareMR19992002OOTP Page
LaTroy Ware2B20412044OOTP Page
Micheal WareSS20002002OOTP Page
Travis WarkentinMR20052015OOTP Page
Abe Warne1B20172019OOTP Page
Jimmy WarnerLF20162018OOTP Page
Trent WarnerMR20152015OOTP Page
Curt WarrenCF19891993OOTP Page
Curt WarrenSP19912006OOTP Page
Geoff WarrenMR19951998OOTP Page
Jimmy WarrenSP20142021OOTP Page
Thomas Warren1B19901990OOTP Page
Shan Waseem+1B20522060OOTP Page
James WasemMR20502051OOTP Page
Mat Washburn1B20352047OOTP Page
Wayne WashburnMR20012003OOTP Page
Bill WashingtonCL19831983OOTP Page
Brendon Washington2B20302040OOTP Page
Brian Washington+HarpoDH20572060OOTP Page
Destin Washington3B20472048OOTP Page
Jaiden Washington2B20272028OOTP Page
Jeremiah WashingtonSP19962003OOTP Page
Loren WashingtonSP19912003OOTP Page
Pat Washington1B19841994OOTP Page
Naohiro WatanabeLF19781984OOTP Page
Colin WatersLF20172020OOTP Page
Kenneth Waters+1B20602060OOTP Page
Mat WatfordMR20092015OOTP Page
Dave WatkinsLF19972005OOTP Page
Denver WatkinsSP19881992OOTP Page
Ethan WatkinsCL20322038OOTP Page
Hayden Watkins+JailhouseSP20522060OOTP Page
Khalil Watkins3B20182025OOTP Page
Travis WatkinsMR20092016OOTP Page
Willie WatkinsAceMR19962009OOTP Page
Adam WatsonRF20362048OOTP Page
Clay Watson+MR20462059OOTP Page
Cole Watson+3B20552060OOTP Page
Dylan Watson+MR20562058OOTP Page
Eddie WatsonSP20432050OOTP Page
Evan WatsonCF20392040OOTP Page
Jack WatsonFertileSP19781986OOTP Page
Jamie WatsonC20212029OOTP Page
Jamie Watson2B20022007OOTP Page
Kolton WatsonSP20392052OOTP Page
Pat WatsonMR20262029OOTP Page
Rick WatsonCF20362042OOTP Page
Vic WatsonCF19931996OOTP Page
Wes WatsonSS20262031OOTP Page
Jimmy WattenbargerBarbwire1B20282037OOTP Page
Henry Watters1B20362042OOTP Page
Artie WattsSP19921995OOTP Page
B.J. WattsMR20072018OOTP Page
Brendan WattsSP20102027OOTP Page
Irvin Watts3B20392048OOTP Page
Kent Watts1B19801981OOTP Page
Tex WattsSS19942014OOTP Page
Wayne WattsMR20002007OOTP Page
Earl WaughMR20062010OOTP Page
Kyle WaughtelMR20492050OOTP Page
Erik WaymanLF20272033OOTP Page
Pat WaymanSS20132026OOTP Page
Gavin WeakleyMR20382055OOTP Page
Victor WeastSS20472047OOTP Page
Denard Weatherby+MR20512059OOTP Page
R.V. Weatherby+MR20532060OOTP Page
Ed WeatherspoonMR19791996OOTP Page
Cody WeaverWhistlerSP20492059OOTP Page
Don WeaverMR20002001OOTP Page
Jamie Weaver1B20242030OOTP Page
Zachary Weaver1B20282029OOTP Page
Dave WebbLF20092011OOTP Page
Murray Webb+SP20542058OOTP Page
Pat WebbLF20172023OOTP Page
Xander WebbCF20392039OOTP Page
Curt Webber+BananasSP20562056OOTP Page
Dave WebberLF20192032OOTP Page
Bailey WeberSP20582058OOTP Page
Brendan WeberMR20312036OOTP Page
Paxton WeberCF20272027OOTP Page
Dillon WebsterMR20392048OOTP Page
Pete WebsterSP19942006OOTP Page
Dewitt WeeksSP19921998OOTP Page
Jared WeeksCF19941995OOTP Page
Fred WeigandSP20242032OOTP Page
Cole WeilandC20542056OOTP Page
Payton Weinberg+2B20552060OOTP Page
Josiah WeirSS20392050OOTP Page
Mat WeirCF20302043OOTP Page
Jimmy WeiseSP20262029OOTP Page
Jamie WeispfenningC20252025OOTP Page
J.P. Weiss1B20112014OOTP Page
Jayce Weiss2B20432045OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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