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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Arkady Kachinsky3B20372043OOTP Page
Jarquez Kafele+SS20492053OOTP Page
Kevin KaganLF19781979OOTP Page
Blake Kahn+C20472053OOTP Page
Chang-weon KahngSP20072018OOTP Page
Dave KaiserC20292040OOTP Page
Pat KalinaMR20252031OOTP Page
Brent KalmanCF19781978OOTP Page
Mellal KamauSP19841986OOTP Page
Tokuhei Kamida3B19781978OOTP Page
Marco KamilCF20412043OOTP Page
Tom KaminskiMR20302038OOTP Page
Matsuichi KamiyaMR20112018OOTP Page
Yoshio KamiyaMR20212026OOTP Page
Kurtis Kamper+MR20442051OOTP Page
Masaaki KamutaSP19932000OOTP Page
Trency KamuzuC20402040OOTP Page
Sojuro KanC19972004OOTP Page
Joey KaneLF20182030OOTP Page
Ollie KaneSP19902007OOTP Page
Pat KaneSP19912000OOTP Page
Su-yeong Kang2B19841986OOTP Page
Tavin Kang+CF20442053OOTP Page
Yeong-suk KangSP19781988OOTP Page
Tristan KannC20172017OOTP Page
Nobuhiko KannoCF20262028OOTP Page
Sumiteru KannoC19781981OOTP Page
R.J. KapperRF20292043OOTP Page
Robby KarabinDoorbellSP20362042OOTP Page
Frank KarcherCF19821983OOTP Page
Steve KarcherSP19781978OOTP Page
Phil KarlinMR20442044OOTP Page
Zachary KarpSalesmanRF20332039OOTP Page
Robby KarpinskiMR20232032OOTP Page
Larbi KarumeRF19962002OOTP Page
T.J. KaserSP20182026OOTP Page
Tom KastnerTarantulaCL20312047OOTP Page
Makato KataokaLF20072015OOTP Page
Shihei KataokaC19891993OOTP Page
Nelson KathirithambySP20372037OOTP Page
Motosugu KatsumataCF20042007OOTP Page
Sadaharu KatsuraSP19982010OOTP Page
J.P. KatzC20172025OOTP Page
Todd KatzenbergerMR20102017OOTP Page
Dave KauffmanFrankensteinSP20182030OOTP Page
Pat KaufmanSP20162030OOTP Page
Kintaro KawakamiSP20242035OOTP Page
Yoriie KawakamiSP20242032OOTP Page
Sugimoto KawamotoMR20342039OOTP Page
Hoitsu KawanoMR19781986OOTP Page
Kijuro KawashimaCF19781985OOTP Page
Kaleb KaySP20362045OOTP Page
Ukessun KayraMR19952002OOTP Page
Abel Kazaz+CF20462053OOTP Page
Kaong KeRF20072013OOTP Page
Mustafaa Ke1B20432049OOTP Page
Wen-zhong KeSP20112025OOTP Page
Ian Keadle3B20102015OOTP Page
Henry Keane+LF20502053OOTP Page
Jimmy KearneyMR20312033OOTP Page
Orion KearneyStudRF20332035OOTP Page
Matthew KearseSS20372037OOTP Page
Austin KeaslerMR20382041OOTP Page
RĂ´mulo KeatingSP19881992OOTP Page
Tommy Keatts2B19992012OOTP Page
Ron KeddyDemoMR19791986OOTP Page
Jayden Keels+MR20512053OOTP Page
Devon Keen+2B20472053OOTP Page
J.R. KeenMR20312035OOTP Page
Erik KeiferSP19962010OOTP Page
Devan Keil+C20472053OOTP Page
Tucker Keith+SP20472051OOTP Page
Joey Kelch3B19972007OOTP Page
Tom KelchC19982005OOTP Page
Dave KellMR20182023OOTP Page
Robby KelleherSP20272037OOTP Page
Curt KelleyMR19942005OOTP Page
Jamie KelleyLF20232024OOTP Page
Johnny KelleySP20072017OOTP Page
Logan KelleyC20472047OOTP Page
Val Kelley1B19781978OOTP Page
Zack KelleyMR20152017OOTP Page
Colin Kellogg1B20252027OOTP Page
Blake Kellum+MR20442051OOTP Page
Pete Kellum1B19781983OOTP Page
Al Kelly1B20192031OOTP Page
Carter Kelly+C20472052OOTP Page
Elgin Kelly+MR20472051OOTP Page
Frank KellyMR19791990OOTP Page
Garret KellyMR20192033OOTP Page
Geoff KellyShanSS20222032OOTP Page
Grant Kelly+CubbyMR20462048OOTP Page
Hugh Kelly3B19951995OOTP Page
Jaiden KellySS20402040OOTP Page
Jeremiah Kelly2B19962006OOTP Page
Tom KellyMR20072016OOTP Page
Zechariah Kelly+MR20502050OOTP Page
Brendan KelseySS20152024OOTP Page
Henry Kemp+MR20502053OOTP Page
R.J. Kemp1B20082022OOTP Page
Travis Kemp3B20082022OOTP Page
Trevor KempkaSP20422048OOTP Page
Dave Kendrick1B20182028OOTP Page
Tristan KendrickSP20242037OOTP Page
Graham KennedyMR20402041OOTP Page
Jack KennedyLF19791980OOTP Page
Javon KennedyMR20312031OOTP Page
Marty Kennedy1B20252025OOTP Page
Zachary KennedySP20342040OOTP Page
Barney KennerRF19962003OOTP Page
Efren KenneySS20362040OOTP Page
Regis KennyWild ThingMR20402047OOTP Page
Cody KentMR20422048OOTP Page
Ayden KenyonC20422043OOTP Page
Bryant Keough+RF20472052OOTP Page
Tyson KeplingerElectricMR20452045OOTP Page
Harry KeppelMissing Link1B19781998OOTP Page
Dallas Kerner+SP20422049OOTP Page
Branson Kerr+C20462052OOTP Page
Dave KerrCL20282032OOTP Page
Wes KerrSP19941994OOTP Page
Parker Kersey+CL20432053OOTP Page
Frank KershnerMR19781982OOTP Page
Micah KesslerC20312034OOTP Page
Ted KesslerMR20172025OOTP Page
Burl Kesti+MR20432051OOTP Page
Erik Ketcham3B20352039OOTP Page
Ken KetchamMR19801989OOTP Page
Bob Kett3B19811985OOTP Page
Leroy Kettler+CL20492053OOTP Page
Dave KeysC20222023OOTP Page
Byung-kyu KhangMR20032004OOTP Page
Kingsley Kiah+LF20512053OOTP Page
Clint KiangoMR20382045OOTP Page
Khadeen Kianyandaarwa+SP20392052OOTP Page
Jimmy KidwellRevenant2B20082023OOTP Page
D.J. KiehnauCF20172023OOTP Page
Jeb KifimboC20402045OOTP Page
O.C. Kikila+Wasp2B20502050OOTP Page
Sean Kilgore+SP20502050OOTP Page
Mike KillSS20282029OOTP Page
Jeff KillenMR19811983OOTP Page
Zack KillianSP20162023OOTP Page
Ted KillorenMR20152023OOTP Page
Chan-koo KimRF19952003OOTP Page
Cris Kim+MR20502053OOTP Page
Dong-joo Kim3B19851985OOTP Page
Donte KimStocky2B20382041OOTP Page
Jayrn KimCF20432044OOTP Page
Montay Kim+RF20412053OOTP Page
Sang-keun KimMR19951999OOTP Page
Seong-hyeon KimMR20202024OOTP Page
Wei-liang KimSP19952002OOTP Page
Won-chul KimMR19781984OOTP Page
Makito Kimata3B20012004OOTP Page
Fred KimbleSP20132024OOTP Page
Julian Kimble+2B20502051OOTP Page
Jamison KimmelSP20402043OOTP Page
Dave KimmerleSS20282031OOTP Page
Pat KimmickMR20192029OOTP Page
Ron KimptonMR20012009OOTP Page
Akiyuki KimuraLF20262034OOTP Page
Ikumasa KimuraLF20112020OOTP Page
Katsuyoshi KimuraLF20252025OOTP Page
Yasuhide KimuraMR19841989OOTP Page
Colm KincadeMR19871987OOTP Page
Liam KincaidMR20152024OOTP Page
Wally KindersleyRF19781978OOTP Page
Dave King+MR20522053OOTP Page
Ed King1B20342043OOTP Page
Gaige King+RF20492053OOTP Page
Gavin KingC20382039OOTP Page
Isaac King+SP20482053OOTP Page
Jaxon King+CF20512051OOTP Page
Joey KingMR20322032OOTP Page
Johnny KingSkipCL20132015OOTP Page
Pat KingC20372037OOTP Page
Stephen King3B20012007OOTP Page
Steve KingCF19791980OOTP Page
Tom KingDominoMR20222038OOTP Page
Wallace KingMR20372037OOTP Page
Zack KingSS20052011OOTP Page
Carl KingsburyRF19831987OOTP Page
Tristan KingsburyC20142017OOTP Page
John KinnellRF19881989OOTP Page
Graysen KinoshitaMR20392041OOTP Page
Finley KinseyLF19872002OOTP Page
Jamie KinslowStoolMR20312038OOTP Page
T.J. Kintzer3B20242028OOTP Page
Badda KinyuaCF20362044OOTP Page
Kenan KipkorirCF19921992OOTP Page
Jake KiprotichMR20372038OOTP Page
Nourreddine KiptanuiSP19901990OOTP Page
Logan KiracofeMR20402046OOTP Page
Jared KirbyC19781996OOTP Page
Ron Kirk3B20262029OOTP Page
Roman Kirkbride3B20112012OOTP Page
Cy KirkpatrickCL19841987OOTP Page
Dave KirkpatrickSS20022004OOTP Page
Dave KirstMR20222022OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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