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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Kamryn Laakso1B20462055OOTP Page
Joe LabocaLF19831994OOTP Page
Wilber LabradorMR19831983OOTP Page
Shaun LaBrancheC20322040OOTP Page
Erik LaBruzzo1B20272035OOTP Page
Jamie LacksLF20172024OOTP Page
Cory Laclair3B20432054OOTP Page
Pete LaClair1B19821983OOTP Page
Quincy LacombeSP20112012OOTP Page
Walter LacourAlchemistSP19781984OOTP Page
Pat LacovaraMR20072010OOTP Page
Dave LacyC20362044OOTP Page
Lesley LacyRF19831993OOTP Page
Dylon Ladd1B20382042OOTP Page
Pat LaddRF20022017OOTP Page
Drew LaDellRF20412048OOTP Page
Jerry LadnerMR19951995OOTP Page
Castel LafantanoSP19811982OOTP Page
Jalen LaFargueMR20182030OOTP Page
Jamal LaFleurDixieSS20242030OOTP Page
John LaForgeC19821987OOTP Page
Evan LaFreniere+ProwlerSP20572057OOTP Page
Caris Lagunas2B20332034OOTP Page
Micah LairdHalibutSP20262039OOTP Page
Jeff LaitySP19781978OOTP Page
Noah LajaunieSP20402043OOTP Page
Tom LaJoieSP20262039OOTP Page
John LakinRF19781982OOTP Page
D.J. Lakner2B20232024OOTP Page
Warren Lallier+GizmoMR20592060OOTP Page
Zack LaMaySP20372038OOTP Page
Dawson Lamb+SP20412060OOTP Page
Jimmy LambSS20092016OOTP Page
Zoilo LambarriaMR19821987OOTP Page
Cory LambertMR20552057OOTP Page
Drew LambertMR20462047OOTP Page
Oscar LambertRF20052010OOTP Page
Payton Lambert+MR20582060OOTP Page
Ron LambertC20052009OOTP Page
Tom LambertSP20192032OOTP Page
Chaim Lamberts3B19781988OOTP Page
Joe LamdanyMR19831984OOTP Page
Nathan LamprechtMR20432045OOTP Page
Sidney Lamson1B20392039OOTP Page
Tom LaNasaRF20092014OOTP Page
Enzo LanbertyLF19781984OOTP Page
Abran LanbinRF19781985OOTP Page
Shawn LancasterMR19881992OOTP Page
Clint LanceC19781987OOTP Page
Jimmy LanceMR20002007OOTP Page
Don LandMR19952004OOTP Page
Zachary LandenRF20272041OOTP Page
Oscar LanderosSP20272031OOTP Page
Chaz LandisMR20082023OOTP Page
Xavier Landress1B20222036OOTP Page
A.J. LandrumMR20202027OOTP Page
Alex Landrum+SP20562060OOTP Page
Émilien LandryCF20232025OOTP Page
Kit Landry+RF20542058OOTP Page
Tyler LandryC20472050OOTP Page
Alden Lane+C20532056OOTP Page
Darren Lane+3B20572060OOTP Page
Owen Lane3B20442044OOTP Page
Charlie Lang1B20462050OOTP Page
Nelson LangBlueSP20432053OOTP Page
Reece LangLF20432043OOTP Page
Robby Lang1B20102017OOTP Page
Tom LangVapor LockSP20312031OOTP Page
Tommy LangSP19801996OOTP Page
Jamie LangdaleSP20252026OOTP Page
Dave LangeCF20272030OOTP Page
Erik LangfordMR20152025OOTP Page
Kevin LangfordMajor1B20212032OOTP Page
Deron LangleyLF19891990OOTP Page
Jimmy Langlois1B20232026OOTP Page
Charlie LanhamSP19781985OOTP Page
Oliver Lanham+SP20532060OOTP Page
Gavin Lankford+MR20552060OOTP Page
Brendon LanoieRF20182026OOTP Page
Pueblo Lanosa1B19821985OOTP Page
Jean-Philippe LanthierSS20182022OOTP Page
Cullen Lanzetta+CL20562060OOTP Page
Wu-han LaoCF20152021OOTP Page
Mitch LaPlanteVapor Lock3B20532053OOTP Page
Jim LaPointeSS20422057OOTP Page
Ray LapuertaRF19851988OOTP Page
Centarius Lara+C20512059OOTP Page
Rahsean LaraMR20412049OOTP Page
Willie LaraC20092024OOTP Page
Tom LarewCF20052005OOTP Page
Marvello LariegoMR20332033OOTP Page
Daniel LarivéeCF19982006OOTP Page
Roch LarivéeSP20002004OOTP Page
Travis LarkinSP20042009OOTP Page
Bill LarninCF19801980OOTP Page
Micah LaRoccoMR20042016OOTP Page
Larry LaRochelleSP19781995OOTP Page
D.J. LaRossa3B20172022OOTP Page
Aquila Larreta2B19781983OOTP Page
Rich Larrimore1B20412047OOTP Page
J.P. LarrisonMR20152029OOTP Page
Pat LarrisonSS20182022OOTP Page
John LarsenLF19791979OOTP Page
Dave Larson2B20162017OOTP Page
Dave LarsonSP20402047OOTP Page
Sal Larson2B20262027OOTP Page
Tom LarsonLF20282030OOTP Page
Tyson LarsonMR20372046OOTP Page
Gavin Lary1B20552056OOTP Page
Jimmy LaSalleRF20032005OOTP Page
Seth Laskie+CF20492060OOTP Page
Dave Lassell+BooSP20542060OOTP Page
Artie Latham1B19861996OOTP Page
Bob LathamC19821986OOTP Page
Nick LathamRF19781988OOTP Page
Jarred LathropShooterLF20432057OOTP Page
Johnny LatimerLF19811983OOTP Page
Anssi LattiDinosaurCF20372045OOTP Page
J.P. LattimoreRF20252038OOTP Page
Newton LaubeCF20502055OOTP Page
Ron LauberLF20052011OOTP Page
Cade LaudenbachSP20422042OOTP Page
Logan Laughlin+2B20602060OOTP Page
Tom LauhoffLF20342037OOTP Page
Tyreck LaukkonenLF20502052OOTP Page
Fernando LaurianoSS20072021OOTP Page
Jaime LaurieSP20132019OOTP Page
Joe LavadieC19831989OOTP Page
Virgil LaVergneRF19821992OOTP Page
Currito Laverte1B19811986OOTP Page
Lucien LavoieSP19881989OOTP Page
Caldwell Lawhorne1B20542055OOTP Page
Wayne LawnRF20092014OOTP Page
Corbin LawrenceSP20462047OOTP Page
J.P. LawrenceCL20172026OOTP Page
Joe Lawrence2B20552056OOTP Page
Kyle LawrenceCF20522053OOTP Page
Rory LawrenceSP20172021OOTP Page
Zachary LawrenceLF20172022OOTP Page
Isaac LawsonSP20412050OOTP Page
Lance LawsonSP19821986OOTP Page
Pete LawsonCF19942003OOTP Page
Brendon LawyerLF20022009OOTP Page
Jimmy LaxtonLF20322039OOTP Page
William LazarevicSP20482049OOTP Page
Samuel LépineC20282028OOTP Page
Anastasio LópezSP19901994OOTP Page
Álex LópezC19891993OOTP Page
Cisco LópezSS19951995OOTP Page
Héctor LópezSP20002001OOTP Page
Héctor LópezSS19881993OOTP Page
Héctor LópezSP19921996OOTP Page
Ismael LópezLF19911995OOTP Page
Joe López1B19931999OOTP Page
Juan Carlos LópezCF19911994OOTP Page
Julián LópezC19971998OOTP Page
Julián LópezMR19861992OOTP Page
Manny LópezMR19861990OOTP Page
Reno LópezSP19971997OOTP Page
Deron LeachSP19901990OOTP Page
Isaac Leadbeater+SP20512056OOTP Page
T.J. LeagueCF20252029OOTP Page
Erik LeakeLF20272027OOTP Page
Mike LealMR19992000OOTP Page
Teodor Leal2B19831990OOTP Page
Joey LeamyLF20052014OOTP Page
Alex LeanosLF20062016OOTP Page
Taelin LeanosSP20372047OOTP Page
Damien LearnedSS20402041OOTP Page
B.J. LearyMR20002014OOTP Page
Johnnie Lease+SS20512060OOTP Page
Danny Lebron2B20012012OOTP Page
Zeke Lebron+LF20482060OOTP Page
Dantae LebronteMR19791986OOTP Page
Eric LeckenbyMR19831988OOTP Page
Dayton LeClaireTipMR20402043OOTP Page
Ian Ledbetter1B20082022OOTP Page
Vinny LedbetterSP20042009OOTP Page
Terry LedermanMR19781978OOTP Page
Florentino LedesmaCF19801987OOTP Page
Kristian LeDoux+LF20602060OOTP Page
Dave LedwellCupcakesCF20232026OOTP Page
Byung-gyu Lee1B20152018OOTP Page
Chas Lee+MR20602060OOTP Page
Cho-yeong LeeSP20032008OOTP Page
Chris LeeMR19781985OOTP Page
Derryck LeeCF20502052OOTP Page
Dudley LeeLF19841984OOTP Page
Jimmy Lee3B20142025OOTP Page
Jimmy LeeRF20052015OOTP Page
Parker Lee+1B20512060OOTP Page
Robby Lee1B20292041OOTP Page
Vic LeeSS20022006OOTP Page
Vince Lee1B20432048OOTP Page
Wook-jin LeeSS20202024OOTP Page
Herb LeFebre2B19781990OOTP Page
Elias LefrancC20422048OOTP Page
François-Xavier LegaultMR20112014OOTP Page
Joey LegerThe MachineRF20082019OOTP Page
Gene LegereSP19952005OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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