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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Colón Pabellon2B19781978OOTP Page
Brian Pace2B20452046OOTP Page
Colin PaceMR20222030OOTP Page
Manuel PachecoC19811983OOTP Page
Isaac Pack+LF20572061OOTP Page
Johnny PackMR20112018OOTP Page
Man-chae Pack1B20242033OOTP Page
Martin PacochaSP20512053OOTP Page
Greg Padgett+CL20492061OOTP Page
Tom PadgettC20152022OOTP Page
Héctor Padilla1B19941999OOTP Page
Juan Jose PadillaSS19911996OOTP Page
Manny PadillaCF20312043OOTP Page
Miguel Angel PadillaLF19841994OOTP Page
Montes Padilla1B19811986OOTP Page
Rogelio Padilla3B20102022OOTP Page
Orlando PadilloSP19861995OOTP Page
Deug-yeom PaekMR19921998OOTP Page
Zane Pagano+CL20572061OOTP Page
Héctor PagánBladeSP19892003OOTP Page
Xalbador Pagán3B19891990OOTP Page
Ed Page2B20282028OOTP Page
Ethan PageC20232027OOTP Page
Joey PageSP20332033OOTP Page
Rory Page2B20122019OOTP Page
Jaylen PaggettRF20322034OOTP Page
Pat Paige2B19981999OOTP Page
Danny PaisanoC19972003OOTP Page
Florentino PaizBizarreCF19781984OOTP Page
Manuelo PajarilloMR19781981OOTP Page
Heui-chung PakSP19951995OOTP Page
Won-suk PakSurgeonCL19861991OOTP Page
Wiley PakenhamMR19841992OOTP Page
Kelly PakiSS20402043OOTP Page
Jerry PalenSS19791983OOTP Page
Tony PalenciaCF19801988OOTP Page
Jamie PalermoSP20272029OOTP Page
Joey Paley1B20162023OOTP Page
Jim Palin3B20492055OOTP Page
Colin PaliottaSP20142022OOTP Page
Gianluca PallaviciniLF20372041OOTP Page
D.J. PalmerMR20092018OOTP Page
Dave PalmerRF20432046OOTP Page
Malcolm PalmerSP20492049OOTP Page
Pat PalmerMegavolt3B20252025OOTP Page
Tom PalmerRF20172022OOTP Page
Tristen PalmerSP20542054OOTP Page
Willie PalmerC20362044OOTP Page
Jarrod PalmeriFudd2B20352035OOTP Page
David PalomaresSP20062017OOTP Page
Heriberto PalomeraSS20302036OOTP Page
Nicklaus PalominoCF20382045OOTP Page
Pat PalumboRF20182019OOTP Page
Harris PanC20482057OOTP Page
Carlitos PaneiroSlickC19901993OOTP Page
Ling-lai Pang3B20002017OOTP Page
Holden Pankey2B20252027OOTP Page
Shaunte Panteleo+FlipC20522060OOTP Page
Sorin PantilimonMR19962010OOTP Page
Ming-yu PaoMR20092012OOTP Page
Sebastiano PaoliSP20032006OOTP Page
R.J. Paolini+C20562060OOTP Page
Jayce Papanicolaou+SS20562061OOTP Page
Gill PapeMR19821982OOTP Page
Chet Paradis2B19821982OOTP Page
Denis Paradis2B19821986OOTP Page
Frank ParadisLF19781989OOTP Page
Dave ParcellLF20152018OOTP Page
Don Pardue2B19881989OOTP Page
Erik PardueRF20182020OOTP Page
Tim PardueVampireMR19821988OOTP Page
Monte ParedesSP20542058OOTP Page
Jamie ParentiMR20312037OOTP Page
Fernando PargasLF19861993OOTP Page
Erik ParhamSP20172031OOTP Page
Erik ParisRF20112017OOTP Page
Cody ParisiMR20432048OOTP Page
Chi-hyeon Park1B19781983OOTP Page
Hong-ryul ParkMR20152019OOTP Page
Hoon ParkYard ManSP20212036OOTP Page
Ian Park+MR20552061OOTP Page
Jong-min ParkLF19891990OOTP Page
Kyung-chor ParkSP19941996OOTP Page
Ricky ParkLF20362039OOTP Page
Will ParkSS19791987OOTP Page
B.J. ParkerLF19872001OOTP Page
Calvin ParkerSwampySP20532054OOTP Page
Dave Parker2B20232023OOTP Page
Erik ParkerMR20212021OOTP Page
Jarrod ParkerRF19992001OOTP Page
Jayden ParkerRhubarbSP20202032OOTP Page
Jonah ParkerMR20432046OOTP Page
Mat ParkerSteely1B20142018OOTP Page
Tiernan ParkerGarbageSP20402052OOTP Page
Tom ParkerMR20202028OOTP Page
Townes Parker+MR20532060OOTP Page
Robby Parks3B19921996OOTP Page
Sean ParksCF20382041OOTP Page
Steve ParksSP20442044OOTP Page
Xavier ParksSS20292035OOTP Page
Alec ParlapianoCL20312031OOTP Page
Preston Parnell+SP20572057OOTP Page
Rich ParnellRF19781986OOTP Page
Jakob ParnikaSP20362046OOTP Page
Ezequiel ParongaoSP19781994OOTP Page
Edwin ParraMR20012010OOTP Page
Oscar ParraSP20022012OOTP Page
Tony ParrillaSS20182020OOTP Page
Gunner ParrishMR20392043OOTP Page
Jan ParsonC20042015OOTP Page
C.J. ParsonsSP20232026OOTP Page
Matt PartinC19801986OOTP Page
Erik PartlowCF20442051OOTP Page
Geoff PascalMR20352039OOTP Page
Monroe Pascual2B20442048OOTP Page
Omar PascualMR20042010OOTP Page
Braedon Pashikian+Martini2B20482060OOTP Page
Estanislao Pasilva2B19791982OOTP Page
Joe PassC19791985OOTP Page
Cliff Passarelli+1B20582058OOTP Page
Nathan Passman2B20402046OOTP Page
Devon Pastor3B20452049OOTP Page
Tom Patella3B20052007OOTP Page
Carl PateshallPitbullSP19781992OOTP Page
Hugo PatinoCL20142019OOTP Page
Jaheem PatinoMR20492049OOTP Page
Dave Paton3B20132019OOTP Page
Gareth Paton3B20222030OOTP Page
Barney PatrickSP19781984OOTP Page
Parker PatrickSP20512056OOTP Page
Dave PatronCF20092012OOTP Page
Jimmy Patten1B20112014OOTP Page
Dave PattersonSP20222032OOTP Page
Devon PattersonMR20492051OOTP Page
Ernie Patterson3B19901999OOTP Page
Jaden PattersonMR20292029OOTP Page
Jimmy PattersonCF20112011OOTP Page
Johnny PattersonLF20032019OOTP Page
Reed PattersonSP20372043OOTP Page
Shawn PattersonSS19962002OOTP Page
Antonio PattonSS20042005OOTP Page
D.B. PattonCF20202024OOTP Page
Jeremiah PattonLF19881994OOTP Page
Sean Patton3B20372042OOTP Page
Tom Patton2B20202025OOTP Page
Manny PatuelSS19791987OOTP Page
Ebenezer PaulC20382050OOTP Page
Eliott PaulSP20262041OOTP Page
Ezra Paul1B20352046OOTP Page
Oscar PauletLF19841988OOTP Page
Hugo PaulinoC20182027OOTP Page
Dusty PaulsenSP20012013OOTP Page
Frank PaulsonMR19781978OOTP Page
J.D. Paulson1B20382039OOTP Page
Raymond PaustianRF20562056OOTP Page
Luis PavilaRF19781980OOTP Page
Brody Pawloski1B20572057OOTP Page
Shawn Paxton2B19881994OOTP Page
Dave PayetteSP20252038OOTP Page
T.J. Payette1B20162019OOTP Page
Dave PayneRF20542054OOTP Page
Don Payne2B19881990OOTP Page
Kai PayneMR20472051OOTP Page
Pat PayneCF19912003OOTP Page
Tristan PayneMR20232023OOTP Page
Xavier PayneSS20372039OOTP Page
Pat PaytonNastySP20182033OOTP Page
Johnny PépinRF19972009OOTP Page
Adrián Pérez1B19911994OOTP Page
Anastasio PérezSP19901994OOTP Page
Héctor PérezSP19881996OOTP Page
Iván PérezMR19852000OOTP Page
Miguel Angel PérezCF19911993OOTP Page
Miguel Angel Pérez2B19981998OOTP Page
Pancho PérezRefundLF19881999OOTP Page
Pepe PérezLF19931993OOTP Page
Raúl PérezCF19851992OOTP Page
Raúl PérezMR19871987OOTP Page
Raúl PérezSP19921997OOTP Page
Jalen Pea3B20312033OOTP Page
Ron Peabody1B20042004OOTP Page
Jarrod PeacockSP20252039OOTP Page
Colton PearceLF20502056OOTP Page
Robby PearceSP19992007OOTP Page
Erik PearsallSpotSP20082020OOTP Page
Dave PearsonLF20332037OOTP Page
Joey Pearson3B20292037OOTP Page
Leo PearsonCF20262029OOTP Page
Micah PearsonMR20352039OOTP Page
Randy PearsonHamburgerMR20422049OOTP Page
Trevon Pearson+CL20472061OOTP Page
Vern PearsonSP19871993OOTP Page
Von Pearson3B19891999OOTP Page
George PeaseMR19831992OOTP Page
Chris PeaveySS19781978OOTP Page
Cesaro PeñaMR19881995OOTP Page
Héctor PeñaMR19871987OOTP Page
Cade Pechacek3B20522054OOTP Page
Shawn Peck1B20002000OOTP Page
Aydan PeckhamSlimCF19881988OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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