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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Jesús TaborgaMR19861991OOTP Page
Shotaro TadaSP19871987OOTP Page
Valentim TafarSP20292043OOTP Page
Julian Taft+MR20552060OOTP Page
Anier TafurSS19821989OOTP Page
Alex Taggart+MR20492057OOTP Page
Hyogo TakahashiRF20122012OOTP Page
Kenji TakahashiMR20162016OOTP Page
Orinosuke TakahashiLF19871993OOTP Page
Shozo TakahashiMR20252027OOTP Page
Yoshi TakahashiSS19811985OOTP Page
Junichi Takano3B19891995OOTP Page
Yoshiyuki TakataMR19871995OOTP Page
Yatsuhiro Takeda2B20052007OOTP Page
Brad Talbert1B19811986OOTP Page
Max TalbertSP20502057OOTP Page
Barry TalbotSP19931995OOTP Page
Jamie Talbot1B20212022OOTP Page
Tony TalbotMR20412048OOTP Page
Isaac TalleyC20402042OOTP Page
Johnny TalleyBeast of BurdenSP20102024OOTP Page
Braden Tallman+LF20582060OOTP Page
Dwan Tamarovsky+SP20482060OOTP Page
Ricky TamborelloMR20382038OOTP Page
Yoshitaka TameikeSP20032016OOTP Page
Edwin TamezMR19941994OOTP Page
Tyler TammanyRF20012011OOTP Page
Jimmy TammaroSP20122022OOTP Page
Tyler TammaroMR20052011OOTP Page
Masamune TamuraLF19811984OOTP Page
Hisashi TanakaMR19982015OOTP Page
Okitsugu TanakaRF19931994OOTP Page
Tara TanakaCF20082013OOTP Page
Florin TanasescuSP20342038OOTP Page
Graham Tandy2B19781987OOTP Page
Ryuzaburo TaniguchiC19922009OOTP Page
Tadaharu TaniokaMR20192019OOTP Page
B.J. TannerLF20262029OOTP Page
Curt TannerSP19922000OOTP Page
Antonio TapiaCF20082012OOTP Page
Jarad TapiaSP20412041OOTP Page
Victor TapiaMR20002010OOTP Page
Moisés TaporcoLF19781984OOTP Page
Severo TaporcoSP19791984OOTP Page
Farrell TaqiLF20542054OOTP Page
Jorge TaracenaSS19781987OOTP Page
David TardifHotwireSP19821999OOTP Page
Danny TarinMR20022004OOTP Page
Javagal TaritMR20322036OOTP Page
Lawrence Tarn2B19781978OOTP Page
Joe TaromaC19801983OOTP Page
Jeremy TarrRF20422044OOTP Page
Del Tarrance+SS20532059OOTP Page
Isao TashimaSP19941995OOTP Page
Wyatt Tate3B20412046OOTP Page
Benny TatsunoLF20332036OOTP Page
Ryne Tatsuno1B20552057OOTP Page
Malik TatumSP20192028OOTP Page
Curtis TaulbeeMR20362042OOTP Page
Màximo Taureda3B19922007OOTP Page
Fulgencio Tavares3B19781978OOTP Page
Federico TavarezLF20062006OOTP Page
Nero TaverasMR20402043OOTP Page
Seville TaviraSP19831983OOTP Page
Billy Taylor+LF20542059OOTP Page
Brad TaylorRF19941994OOTP Page
Brad TaylorSP19801993OOTP Page
Chance TaylorMR20452055OOTP Page
Dave TaylorSS20252041OOTP Page
Dave TaylorSP20272042OOTP Page
Del TaylorCF19981998OOTP Page
E.C. TaylorMR20422049OOTP Page
Eddie TaylorMR19811991OOTP Page
J.J. TaylorLF20192019OOTP Page
Jermaine TaylorSP20002000OOTP Page
Jordan TaylorSP20422049OOTP Page
Kel Taylor2B19961997OOTP Page
Khalil TaylorC20272027OOTP Page
Kyle TaylorSP20472049OOTP Page
Marco Taylor1B20352051OOTP Page
Nate TaylorSP19882000OOTP Page
Pat Taylor2B20212026OOTP Page
Todd TaylorSP20042021OOTP Page
Tommy TaylorCL20192019OOTP Page
Turell Taylor2B20452045OOTP Page
Ulisses TaylorSP20522052OOTP Page
Wes TaylorLF19891994OOTP Page
Willie TaylorMR19912005OOTP Page
Zachary Taylor2B20162023OOTP Page
Dominic TétreaultSS20122017OOTP Page
Wyatt Tedders2B20452058OOTP Page
Clayton TedescoCL20442046OOTP Page
Dave TeelSP20152035OOTP Page
Landon TeelCF20232023OOTP Page
Victor Teffeteller2B20042010OOTP Page
Keyon TelforC20512051OOTP Page
Tavrion TellCF20492052OOTP Page
Alejandro TellezMR20042017OOTP Page
Carter TellezSP20432045OOTP Page
Mannus ten CateMR20072013OOTP Page
Ian Tendick2B20192028OOTP Page
Ron TeneyckSS20312035OOTP Page
Bernaldo TerraC20382038OOTP Page
Dylan TerrellLF20222026OOTP Page
Sean TerrellSP20222022OOTP Page
Cesario TerronesCL19811984OOTP Page
Parker Terry+GobblerMR20502060OOTP Page
Cecilio TescariLF19982010OOTP Page
Leonel Tesina3B19781995OOTP Page
Sam TeskeMR19791988OOTP Page
Ed TeslukSupermanCL20312043OOTP Page
Fakhretdin TetradzeCF19932000OOTP Page
Tom TetraultSP20182023OOTP Page
Adam TeutschCF19801988OOTP Page
Cody ThatcherC20512054OOTP Page
Gérald ThériaultSS19801982OOTP Page
Brendan Theisen1B20082008OOTP Page
Dave TheisenSP20272040OOTP Page
Dunmore TheodorePigletSP19781994OOTP Page
Nathan TheodoreCF20492057OOTP Page
Hayden TheriaultMR20402048OOTP Page
Hayden Theroux1B20422047OOTP Page
Dave TheuneRF20312031OOTP Page
Gunidatta ThirunavuSP19891989OOTP Page
Donovan ThodeMR20412047OOTP Page
Bert Thoma+C20462059OOTP Page
A.J. Thomas1B20042006OOTP Page
Ben ThomasMR19861986OOTP Page
Derrick ThomasSP20442044OOTP Page
Dusty Thomas1B20262031OOTP Page
Ian ThomasRF20202027OOTP Page
Isaiah Thomas+RF20552060OOTP Page
Isiah ThomasCF20402042OOTP Page
Jamario ThomasOutlawLF20502051OOTP Page
Jamel Thomas+CheeseSP20532060OOTP Page
Jamie ThomasFuddSP20012015OOTP Page
Jaylen ThomasCF20312032OOTP Page
Jaylin ThomasSP20312038OOTP Page
Joey Thomas2B20282028OOTP Page
Jonah ThomasDopeySP20532057OOTP Page
Liam ThomasMR20302044OOTP Page
Moses Thomas+LF20532058OOTP Page
Rich Thomas+MR20552060OOTP Page
Riley ThomasCF20272040OOTP Page
Ron Thomas+CL20562060OOTP Page
Sammy Thomas3B20132023OOTP Page
Taylor ThomasLF20112023OOTP Page
Tommy ThomasCF20072014OOTP Page
Zack ThomasRF20202024OOTP Page
Artie ThomasonLF19921992OOTP Page
Al ThompsonCF20202024OOTP Page
C.J. ThompsonSP20192033OOTP Page
Chad ThompsonRF19791980OOTP Page
Damion ThompsonMR20492052OOTP Page
Dawson ThompsonLF20392039OOTP Page
Dillon Thompson+MR20492054OOTP Page
Don ThompsonC19891996OOTP Page
Dusty ThompsonRF20342034OOTP Page
Dusty Thompson2B20232030OOTP Page
Ed ThompsonC20062012OOTP Page
Eric ThompsonMR20282028OOTP Page
Freddie ThompsonSP19872002OOTP Page
Gabriel ThompsonSP20462047OOTP Page
Jared ThompsonMR19911992OOTP Page
Jarred ThompsonMR19901995OOTP Page
Jayden Thompson1B20322037OOTP Page
Jimmy ThompsonSP20242027OOTP Page
Joel Thompson+SP20592060OOTP Page
Johnny Thompson2B20382041OOTP Page
Lonnie ThompsonMR19921996OOTP Page
Merlin ThompsonCL19781987OOTP Page
Mike Thompson+1B20602060OOTP Page
Oscar Thompson+SP20492054OOTP Page
Travis ThompsonMR20332040OOTP Page
Vance Thompson+SS20532059OOTP Page
Zach ThompsonRF19972000OOTP Page
Marcel ThomsonSS20392039OOTP Page
Nathan ThomsonSP20422058OOTP Page
Archie Thorington3B20342044OOTP Page
Emmanuel Thorn+2B20592060OOTP Page
Dodge ThornomMissingMR20362044OOTP Page
Isaac ThorntonShark3B20242026OOTP Page
Johnny ThorntonCF20292032OOTP Page
Pat ThorntonMR20192019OOTP Page
Ron ThorntonRF20272037OOTP Page
Chad ThorpeCF20132015OOTP Page
Zane Thorpe+SP20482060OOTP Page
Jeremy Thrasher+SP20492060OOTP Page
Dusty ThreattStormSP20162026OOTP Page
Joey ThuanCF20382038OOTP Page
Doug ThurmanMR19991999OOTP Page
Bennett Thurston2B20522056OOTP Page
Bradley Thurston+LF20542059OOTP Page
Xu-gang TiC19972007OOTP Page
Gui-fei TianSlingshotSP19781987OOTP Page
Galterio TibaldiCF19781991OOTP Page
Johnny TibbettSS20342036OOTP Page
Tyler TibbleCF20002001OOTP Page
Dave TibbsCF20242040OOTP Page
Kevin Tickles+DingusSP20522060OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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