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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Tom VaccarellaSP20022012OOTP Page
Gabriel Vachon2B20092019OOTP Page
Zoilo VadilloMR19871989OOTP Page
Macerio ValadezRF19781980OOTP Page
Ramon ValasqueMR19781985OOTP Page
Ánibal ValénciaMR19921998OOTP Page
Raúl Valéncia1B19881997OOTP Page
Benedicto ValbuenaC19821982OOTP Page
Joe ValdesSP19811985OOTP Page
Miles Valdez+CrashMR20592060OOTP Page
Octavio ValdezRF20012005OOTP Page
Eddie ValdovinosMR20142014OOTP Page
Oscar ValenciaC20072010OOTP Page
Adrián ValentínBad NewsRF19841987OOTP Page
Pancho ValentínCL19952001OOTP Page
Jonathon ValentiSS20242042OOTP Page
Todd Valenti1B20112017OOTP Page
Constantino ValentinSS19831990OOTP Page
R.J. ValentinCF20432044OOTP Page
Harold ValentineCrabmanSP20392056OOTP Page
Josh Valentine+3B20602060OOTP Page
Ron ValentineSP20282038OOTP Page
Zak ValentineMR19881993OOTP Page
Chris ValenzuelaCF20012005OOTP Page
Marco ValenzuelaMR20082021OOTP Page
Omar ValenzuelaCF20002004OOTP Page
Rubén ValenzuelaSS20032004OOTP Page
Al Valeriano3B19781978OOTP Page
Roberto ValleMR20222032OOTP Page
Jim ValleeC19881996OOTP Page
Tony VallejoSP20042004OOTP Page
Alex VallejosMR20162023OOTP Page
Abel Valley+Stumpy1B20472056OOTP Page
Sansão ValrioCF20012001OOTP Page
Napler ValudezCF19791982OOTP Page
Erik Van Benschoten1B20202022OOTP Page
Jamie Van BuskirkSP20282031OOTP Page
Germaine van de GeerSS20392041OOTP Page
Pat Van de PutteRF20052011OOTP Page
Yan van den AdelRF19861989OOTP Page
Maurice van den BoschMR19981998OOTP Page
Zack Van den HeuvelLF20312035OOTP Page
D.B. van der HeijdenCF20422047OOTP Page
Menno van der VenRF20372039OOTP Page
Tomas van DijkLF20352041OOTP Page
Traevis van DijkHigh Roller2B20442057OOTP Page
Bryn van DoornMR20472047OOTP Page
Andreas van DrunenCF20502055OOTP Page
Ian Van GorderMR20172023OOTP Page
Sacco van GorpRF20332045OOTP Page
David van HamLF19841985OOTP Page
Maurice van HarskampMR20362038OOTP Page
Tommy Van LeerLF20092019OOTP Page
Richie van LuikPowderRF20372054OOTP Page
Stevie van OorschotMR20442049OOTP Page
Jaelen van RooijenCF20382039OOTP Page
Cristian Van Sickle2B20392046OOTP Page
Elliot Van SlotenSP20402044OOTP Page
Ray van SlykeMR19851985OOTP Page
Wayne van SlykeCL19781992OOTP Page
Pieter van WestenSP20272035OOTP Page
Jared VanceSP19962000OOTP Page
Stan Vance3B19781978OOTP Page
James VandeheyWackyLF20392054OOTP Page
Zack Vandenberg1B20122016OOTP Page
Norm Vander Woude3B20322032OOTP Page
Roman VanderhoefThumperMR20252042OOTP Page
Brian VanderzeeCF20492057OOTP Page
James VannoySP20442052OOTP Page
Jeremy VanoverSP20562060OOTP Page
Clint VanstoneMR19801990OOTP Page
José VaradaCF19811984OOTP Page
Antonio Vargas3B20282032OOTP Page
Antonio VargasSS20122017OOTP Page
Dino VargasC19781983OOTP Page
Ed VargasCF20232029OOTP Page
Hector Vargas3B20082019OOTP Page
Joe VargasRF19781985OOTP Page
Oscar VargasSS19982014OOTP Page
Pablo Vargas2B19801982OOTP Page
Álex Vargo3B19951997OOTP Page
Ximena VarinoSP19891992OOTP Page
Simon VasicekCF20262037OOTP Page
Archibald Vasquez+3B20592059OOTP Page
Bryon Vasquez3B20462047OOTP Page
Elvio VasquezMR19831992OOTP Page
Feliciano Vasquez1B19791979OOTP Page
Oscar VasquezSP20002006OOTP Page
Oscar VasquezLF20102012OOTP Page
Victor VasquezMR20152026OOTP Page
Victor VasquezC19982009OOTP Page
Willie Vasquez2B20152015OOTP Page
Barry Vasser3B19831983OOTP Page
Brad VastaC20522054OOTP Page
Vin VatuiuSkeeterMR20432049OOTP Page
Chase Vaughan+SP20522060OOTP Page
Deron VaughanMR19851997OOTP Page
Dave VaughnSP20082015OOTP Page
Jimmy VaughnSP20242032OOTP Page
Johnathan VaughnMR19901995OOTP Page
Nathan VaughnMR19841984OOTP Page
Tom VaughnMR20322038OOTP Page
Topher Vaughn+SP20522054OOTP Page
Jarod Vawter3B20052009OOTP Page
Jarrett Vazquez+RF20562060OOTP Page
Monte Vazquez3B20162020OOTP Page
Nelson VazquezCF20312031OOTP Page
Manny VásquezCL19871994OOTP Page
Victorio VásquezRF19881995OOTP Page
Iván VázquezSP19912004OOTP Page
José Antonio VázquezLF19971999OOTP Page
Raúl VélezCF19892000OOTP Page
Arnaud VézinaC19881992OOTP Page
Dave VealSS20272035OOTP Page
Ethan VeceMR20302031OOTP Page
Adrián Vega2B19891990OOTP Page
Coda VegaSP20442045OOTP Page
Felipe VegaSP20042021OOTP Page
Iván VegaLF19911992OOTP Page
Julian VegaSP20062010OOTP Page
Raúl Vega3B19921992OOTP Page
Tony Vega2B20142016OOTP Page
Victor VegaSS20122019OOTP Page
Willie VegaSP20062009OOTP Page
Emilio VeinzquezMR19791991OOTP Page
Sidney Veisflog+SP20552055OOTP Page
Alex VejarMR20022002OOTP Page
Jon VejarMR20012012OOTP Page
Pavlushka VekmanSP20372038OOTP Page
Vic VelaMR20052013OOTP Page
Nelson VelasquezC20222022OOTP Page
Richard VelasquezSP20042012OOTP Page
Pancho VelasteguiCF19781986OOTP Page
Kruize VelazquezRF20462056OOTP Page
Ruben Velazquez3B20062007OOTP Page
Alex Velez1B20222031OOTP Page
Danny VelezSP20022004OOTP Page
Ivan VelezC20082009OOTP Page
Tyson VelezCF20442060OOTP Page
Rourke Veloukhiotis+Gold MineMR20532060OOTP Page
Leonardo VelunzaC19781989OOTP Page
Blake VeneroMR19801989OOTP Page
Vishwanata Venkateswarn2B20392041OOTP Page
Edgar VentrissMR19781989OOTP Page
Danny VenturaSP20012011OOTP Page
Ervin Ventura3B20142026OOTP Page
Bob VeraSP20082010OOTP Page
James VerbaThe WolfMR20402049OOTP Page
Pat VerbaLF20062018OOTP Page
Wouter VerberkSP19891993OOTP Page
Dusty VerhaegheSP20072015OOTP Page
Rolf VerhoekLF19881988OOTP Page
John VernerSP19781979OOTP Page
Carl Vertullo+MR20582060OOTP Page
C.J. VerweyWild ManMR20282035OOTP Page
Manoel Vesadas2B19781980OOTP Page
Kaileb Vesely+MR20582058OOTP Page
Ernie Vesper1B20322035OOTP Page
Fred VessMR20332040OOTP Page
Ryan VestMR19871991OOTP Page
Edwin Vestal1B20422050OOTP Page
Bemabe ViallaCF19831989OOTP Page
Ugo ViauLF19801980OOTP Page
Bartolomé VicaldoMR19781979OOTP Page
Jerry VicenteSS20152018OOTP Page
Manny ViciosoC19972001OOTP Page
Pat VickersThe Villain2B20152028OOTP Page
Tanner VickersRF20462049OOTP Page
Jordan VidalSP20122012OOTP Page
Ruben Vidal3B20042013OOTP Page
Roberto VidalesCF19831984OOTP Page
Hidalgo Vidriales1B19781984OOTP Page
Tom VidrineMR20302035OOTP Page
Pat VieiraSP20342042OOTP Page
Scottie Viele+SS20492058OOTP Page
C.J. VigerLF20202031OOTP Page
Bruce Viggiano1B20372043OOTP Page
Dante ViguerasSP20182026OOTP Page
Fabian VillaSP20462051OOTP Page
Victor VillaRF20022002OOTP Page
Manny VillafaneSS20032012OOTP Page
J.T. Villagran+SS20552059OOTP Page
Angelo VillalobosRF20032011OOTP Page
Jonathan VillaltaMR20162022OOTP Page
Che VillanuevaSP19831984OOTP Page
Edgar VillanuevaSS20092013OOTP Page
Raúl VillanuevaSS19911995OOTP Page
Raúl VillanuevaRF19901996OOTP Page
Javier VillarrealSS20022014OOTP Page
Rob Villarreal+MR20592059OOTP Page
Robert VillarrealC20082013OOTP Page
Javier VillarroalSparkyC19781984OOTP Page
Alex VillarroelGeneralRF20082016OOTP Page
Daniel VillarruelMR19851994OOTP Page
Roger VillasenorSP20182030OOTP Page
Cristófor VillazonSP19781992OOTP Page
Roberto VillazuerteSP19841984OOTP Page
Joe VillelasMR19841984OOTP Page
Tejano Villesca3B19831991OOTP Page
Jaydan VillicanaSP20352041OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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