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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Amistad CaballeroGold MineRF19781991OOTP Page
Frank Caballero2B20052012OOTP Page
Manny CaballeroMR19921992OOTP Page
Romone CaballeroSS20422047OOTP Page
Alex CaballerosMR19952008OOTP Page
T.J. CabanawC20102013OOTP Page
Casimiro CabezasRock and RollCL19781989OOTP Page
Felipe Cabral1B20212027OOTP Page
Manny CabralSP20262041OOTP Page
Willie CabralesMR20252025OOTP Page
Alex CabreraRF20012008OOTP Page
Federico CabreraSP20272033OOTP Page
Héctor CabreraC19881994OOTP Page
Juan Jose CabreraMR19911999OOTP Page
Romeu CabritaSP19781979OOTP Page
Roberto Caceda1B20022003OOTP Page
Elmer CaceresBane1B20352052OOTP Page
Robby Caddell1B20272037OOTP Page
Norm CadekMR20202021OOTP Page
Mauricio CadenaCF20262034OOTP Page
Reyes CadenaC19781982OOTP Page
Joe CadisCF19811981OOTP Page
Joe CadizSP19791979OOTP Page
Eric CaffertySP19781988OOTP Page
J.J. CahillSS20202026OOTP Page
Ken CahillLF19801996OOTP Page
Rex Cahill2B19942000OOTP Page
Bao CahnBig Stick2B19881988OOTP Page
Moochie Cahn+SP20522059OOTP Page
Dorsey Cahue+3B20572061OOTP Page
Alex Cain+CF20612061OOTP Page
Bubba Cain+CF20552060OOTP Page
Chad CainMR19881994OOTP Page
Tom CainC20272027OOTP Page
John Caines2B19811986OOTP Page
Paul CakeC19781984OOTP Page
Xisto CalafateMR19981999OOTP Page
A.J. Caldara1B20392039OOTP Page
Ánibal CalderónC19872002OOTP Page
Javier Calderon2B20212024OOTP Page
Willie CalderonCF20012005OOTP Page
Brandan Caldwell+SP20582061OOTP Page
Elliot Caldwell+SP20572060OOTP Page
J.R. Caldwell2B19911999OOTP Page
Rex CaldwellSP19941997OOTP Page
Dusty CalendineC20332036OOTP Page
Chase Calhoun+Havoc2B20582061OOTP Page
Darryl CalhounLF19921995OOTP Page
Erik CaliC20232023OOTP Page
Terry CalinescuSP20552055OOTP Page
Bartolomeu CallSS20332033OOTP Page
Dusty CallahanMR20362036OOTP Page
Ryan CallenMR20442052OOTP Page
Lyle CalliesRF20492058OOTP Page
Tom CalliganSP20152027OOTP Page
Cillian CallisonSP20362049OOTP Page
Conner Calloway+SP20592061OOTP Page
Drew Calvacca1B20432044OOTP Page
Grant CalverPunk2B19811987OOTP Page
Dave CalvertSP20172033OOTP Page
Pablo CalvoLF19781981OOTP Page
Enéas CalzacortaSS19781984OOTP Page
Orlando CamachoSS20122012OOTP Page
Roberto CamarenaSS20242032OOTP Page
Tyler Cambre+MR20602060OOTP Page
Rodriguo CameiraLF19972005OOTP Page
Jordan Camejo1B20032015OOTP Page
Brendan CamielC20562056OOTP Page
Alexis Camilo1B19982010OOTP Page
Gualterio CampaIguanaC19781980OOTP Page
Darin CampbellMR20492053OOTP Page
Derrek Campbell1B19921995OOTP Page
Dusty Campbell3B19922002OOTP Page
Landon Campbell3B20432047OOTP Page
Mike Campbell1B20482048OOTP Page
Phil Campbell3B20272040OOTP Page
Shane Campbell+LF20532061OOTP Page
Shawn CampbellMR20002000OOTP Page
Tommy CampbellSP20302035OOTP Page
Trenton CampbellSP20452050OOTP Page
Lawrence CamperRF19781980OOTP Page
Antonio CamposMR19982002OOTP Page
Lorenzo CamposSP20022012OOTP Page
Cesaro CampoveroeRF19781994OOTP Page
Ricky CanalesMR19981998OOTP Page
Ismael CanóC19891994OOTP Page
LaMark Canete+1B20582061OOTP Page
Jan CannedyMR20282038OOTP Page
Teagan CannellC19851997OOTP Page
Alex CanningMR20472047OOTP Page
Jamie CannonCF20252026OOTP Page
Lucas CannonCF20382044OOTP Page
Toby CannonRF19931996OOTP Page
Tom CannonSP20232023OOTP Page
William CannonMR20042009OOTP Page
Ron CantSS20262034OOTP Page
T.J. CanterSP20212021OOTP Page
Juliano Cantero1B19811981OOTP Page
Jack CantrellSP19811987OOTP Page
John CantrellMR19831995OOTP Page
Julian CantrellWhiskeyMR20422055OOTP Page
Norris Cantrell1B20402044OOTP Page
Edwin CantuC20302041OOTP Page
Díoguo CanudoC19982008OOTP Page
Parker Capalbo+CF20462059OOTP Page
Antonio CapelesSS20082017OOTP Page
J.J. CaplanRF20022017OOTP Page
Patrick CappabiancaCL20252031OOTP Page
Jimmy CappsC20282028OOTP Page
Preston CappsCowboySS20382058OOTP Page
Seth CappsSP20512054OOTP Page
Freddie CaraballoSS20462046OOTP Page
Cashmere CaraffaRF20382038OOTP Page
Paul CaragialeSP20402040OOTP Page
Ángel CaramilloSP19781991OOTP Page
Armand Carandini+C20572058OOTP Page
Bobby CarazoMR20142014OOTP Page
Héctor CarbajalRock and RollSS19862003OOTP Page
Raúl CarbajalSS19891999OOTP Page
Joe Carbarin1B19781985OOTP Page
Joe CarbezolaC19851988OOTP Page
Bill CardMR19942000OOTP Page
Ron CardMR20232030OOTP Page
Paul CardellLF19781984OOTP Page
Antonio Cardenas3B19982015OOTP Page
Max Cardenas1B20142024OOTP Page
Tony CardenasSS19962006OOTP Page
Dusty CardilloMR20322039OOTP Page
Martin CardilloSP20442049OOTP Page
C.J. CardinalCF20212027OOTP Page
Damian CardonaCF20242027OOTP Page
John Cardona1B20172028OOTP Page
Abe CardosoCF20422051OOTP Page
Alejandro Cardoza1B20082008OOTP Page
Gerardo Cardoza2B20062015OOTP Page
Dave CareyC20262026OOTP Page
Wyatt CareyRF20572057OOTP Page
Ted CargileMR19831987OOTP Page
Dominic Carhart1B20442045OOTP Page
Lorenzo CariasLF20122019OOTP Page
Smokey Carlile1B20292030OOTP Page
Doug CarlisleMR19871993OOTP Page
Jimmy Carlock3B20232023OOTP Page
Al CarlsonSodaLF19901993OOTP Page
Brayden Carlson+SS20572061OOTP Page
C.J. CarlsonLF20262034OOTP Page
John CarlsonMR20102022OOTP Page
Kylan Carlson2B20252026OOTP Page
Kyle CarlsonSS19971997OOTP Page
Marc Carlson+SP20602061OOTP Page
Byron Carlton+RF20592061OOTP Page
Martin CarltonEager BeaverCL19781991OOTP Page
John CarmichaelMR19781979OOTP Page
Tavarreon Carmona3B20452049OOTP Page
Jimmy CarnesMR20182027OOTP Page
Doug CarneyMR19941994OOTP Page
Jaime CarnivalLF20052009OOTP Page
C.J. CarnovaleC20292029OOTP Page
B.J. CarpenterSP20052016OOTP Page
Kelly CarpenterSP19781989OOTP Page
Marlon Carpenter3B19972006OOTP Page
Tommy CarpenterMR20142026OOTP Page
Dave CarrSP19881994OOTP Page
J.D. CarrLF20252036OOTP Page
Kip Carr3B19871994OOTP Page
Owen Carr+MR20582061OOTP Page
Robby CarrSP20382038OOTP Page
Ryan Carr+RF20582061OOTP Page
Steve CarrC20382039OOTP Page
Ted CarrLF20042016OOTP Page
Edgar Carrasco3B20132013OOTP Page
Edwin CarrascoCL20202031OOTP Page
Marco CarrascoSP20202036OOTP Page
Joaquín CarratalaLF19941995OOTP Page
Raimundo CarrazanaPumpkinCL19781985OOTP Page
Carlo CarreroSP20412046OOTP Page
Pedro CarretieMR19841988OOTP Page
Tris CarrierSP20062006OOTP Page
Bob CarrilloSP20112023OOTP Page
Cid CarrilloQuack3B19781979OOTP Page
Iván CarrilloSP19861986OOTP Page
Raúl CarrilloSP19841997OOTP Page
Raúl CarrilloSP19911991OOTP Page
Leandro CarriloRF19791984OOTP Page
Travis CarrolSP20052008OOTP Page
Carson CarrollLF20002009OOTP Page
Christian CarrollCL20372052OOTP Page
Ed CarrollDropkickSP20162032OOTP Page
Shane CarrollSP20022009OOTP Page
Samuel CarruthersSP20462053OOTP Page
Rufus Cartellieri+SS20482048OOTP Page
Brad CarterRF19861998OOTP Page
Cody CarterMR19781983OOTP Page
Colin CarterSS20192026OOTP Page
Cy CarterMR20172026OOTP Page
Dave CarterMR20032014OOTP Page
Ian Carter2B20292031OOTP Page
Jayden CarterRF20252025OOTP Page
Joey CarterMushyCL20392047OOTP Page
Johnell CarterSS20462055OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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