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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Ye-qing MaSP20102017OOTP Page
Jarelle MaabadeCF20502053OOTP Page
Mark MabbettCF19781990OOTP Page
Tyler MabryMR20072007OOTP Page
Thang MacC19952004OOTP Page
Mark MacAdie2B19781983OOTP Page
Dusty MacalusoMR20312036OOTP Page
Jimmy Macaluso1B20192031OOTP Page
Tessai MacArthurSP19811985OOTP Page
Raymond MacauleyMR19781987OOTP Page
Charlie MacCabe2B19781990OOTP Page
John MacCashC19841989OOTP Page
Wally MacChoiterC19922004OOTP Page
Tyler MacCormickRF19982000OOTP Page
Herb MacCutcheon1B19801988OOTP Page
Jarvis MacDermidSP20472048OOTP Page
Matt MacDonaldC19781978OOTP Page
Oscar MacDonald+AnvilMR20482055OOTP Page
Erik MacDonoughThe TornadoC20212037OOTP Page
Jerry MacFadden3B19992002OOTP Page
Andrew MacGilledon1B19781985OOTP Page
Jim MacGowanMR19791981OOTP Page
Duncan MacGregorStingerC19781980OOTP Page
Vic MacGregorSP19911993OOTP Page
Earl MacGruderC19781986OOTP Page
Ollie MacGruderSS19902000OOTP Page
Danny Machuca1B20252025OOTP Page
Dylan Macias+RF20562060OOTP Page
Gio MaciasLF20232024OOTP Page
Roberto MaciasCF20052006OOTP Page
Dan MackLF19791979OOTP Page
Harold MackRF20382040OOTP Page
Zachary MackMR20022012OOTP Page
Kyle MackenthunCL20412041OOTP Page
Tim MacKerracher2B19791984OOTP Page
Tom MackeyBad NewsSP20212024OOTP Page
Harry Mackin3B19781981OOTP Page
Jim MacKindlayLF19781978OOTP Page
Jon MacKinnon+1B20532055OOTP Page
Johnny MacklinSP20452051OOTP Page
Joe MacKnightRF19801992OOTP Page
Ron MacLaganSP19781987OOTP Page
Jerry MacLucasSP19911993OOTP Page
Scott MacOmieCL19831986OOTP Page
Nathan MacOwlSP19781988OOTP Page
Doug MacPherson3B19891994OOTP Page
Irv Macura+3B20532057OOTP Page
Chad MadanLF19982003OOTP Page
Roy MadanRF19821985OOTP Page
Dave MaddenLF20222024OOTP Page
Willie MaddoxRF19932002OOTP Page
Jaden MadereSP20302038OOTP Page
Ron Madere3B20242026OOTP Page
Scott MadewellCF19781985OOTP Page
Rodrick Madhubuti+LF20522059OOTP Page
Jayson MadocksCF19922003OOTP Page
Ray MadonaldCF19801984OOTP Page
Felipe MadrigalRF20072015OOTP Page
Sutton MadsenLF20442045OOTP Page
Hisanobu MaedaSuperCF20252041OOTP Page
Yoritoki Maeda3B19872002OOTP Page
Kazuyoshi MaekawaSS19972010OOTP Page
Takanibu MaenoMR19831995OOTP Page
Alex Maes2B20052016OOTP Page
Pedro Maes3B19781988OOTP Page
Joe Magallan1B19781982OOTP Page
Noel MaganRF20472051OOTP Page
Danny MaganaCL20012009OOTP Page
Dudley MaganaC20432057OOTP Page
Xever MaganoC19781989OOTP Page
Enrique MagdalenoMR20102018OOTP Page
Ron MageeRF20282036OOTP Page
Tom MageeSP20252030OOTP Page
Jamie MagerlSS19962005OOTP Page
Jimmy MaggiSP20152020OOTP Page
Jimmy MaggioSP20172032OOTP Page
Lorenzo MagnaldiMR19901994OOTP Page
Tad MagnantiMR20372044OOTP Page
Nate MagnessThe SkullSP19841996OOTP Page
Dantel MagniaSP19781982OOTP Page
Chandler Magnuson+MR20492060OOTP Page
Román MagueuMR19841992OOTP Page
Benjamin Maguire3B20472047OOTP Page
George Mahaffy1B19851985OOTP Page
William MaherSP20052017OOTP Page
R.J. MahonRF20292031OOTP Page
Mikhail MaiborodaCF20362040OOTP Page
Corby Maish+2B20572059OOTP Page
Ottavio MaiuriC20132013OOTP Page
Aziz Majid+SP20532056OOTP Page
Jaymor MajogoC20382042OOTP Page
Joel Major+SP20602060OOTP Page
Rob MajorLF20452053OOTP Page
Joey MakarLF20272031OOTP Page
Chance Maki+1B20422055OOTP Page
Korbin MakievMR20472049OOTP Page
Collin MakuchReach2B20442057OOTP Page
Mohamed MakunguSP19841988OOTP Page
Justin MalakowskySP20502052OOTP Page
Devlin MalcolmSP19831983OOTP Page
Dave MaldenLF20172018OOTP Page
Alex MaldonadoSS20162017OOTP Page
Dave MaldonadoRF20242040OOTP Page
Jaden Maldonado+3B20502060OOTP Page
Jaumar MaldonadoC20482054OOTP Page
Omar MaldonadoMR20052007OOTP Page
Nicolás MalenadoMR19781984OOTP Page
Theo Mallen3B20362045OOTP Page
Bobby MalletteCF19821982OOTP Page
Deonte Malone+MR20572060OOTP Page
Ron MaloneSP20052010OOTP Page
Collin MaloneyPrinceLF20412055OOTP Page
Samuel Maloney3B20462052OOTP Page
Tom MaloneyMR20342039OOTP Page
Garrett MalvernSP19821992OOTP Page
Joe ManchaMR19851992OOTP Page
Ismael Mancias2B19851986OOTP Page
Cody ManciniSS20452060OOTP Page
Gil Mandell1B20362047OOTP Page
Lorenzo MandujanoCF20072008OOTP Page
Jayden ManeyLF20222031OOTP Page
Chavez MangaSP19781983OOTP Page
Freddie ManganDeaconSS20222033OOTP Page
Robby ManginiLF20212025OOTP Page
R.J. Mangold2B20032003OOTP Page
Trent MangusC20042012OOTP Page
Migdônio ManhosSP19932008OOTP Page
Ezequiel Manhs1B19921995OOTP Page
Alek ManiaciC20472053OOTP Page
Oscar MankeySP20452046OOTP Page
Harrison ManleyC20422046OOTP Page
Jarrod ManleyMR20142016OOTP Page
Jaxon MannMR20422054OOTP Page
Reece MannCF20482050OOTP Page
Dave ManningC20242024OOTP Page
Ethan Manning3B20212022OOTP Page
R.J. ManningBasherCL20042019OOTP Page
Rex Manning+1B20602060OOTP Page
Kaleb Mannino+SP20502060OOTP Page
Greyson ManorCF20242025OOTP Page
Freddie Manousos1B20232025OOTP Page
Dawson Mansfield2B20452049OOTP Page
Fausto ManteriSP19891989OOTP Page
Paul ManucciSP20392043OOTP Page
Tony Manzo2B19942002OOTP Page
Szeto MaoC20102020OOTP Page
Anselmo MapaloSP19781991OOTP Page
Odell MaputeBooSS20472060OOTP Page
Joe MarableMR20362036OOTP Page
Giovanny MarangoRF20442045OOTP Page
Israel MaravillaC20202023OOTP Page
Dani MarínSP19871992OOTP Page
Héctor MarínCF19932005OOTP Page
Raúl MarínSS19881996OOTP Page
Rubén MarínCool PapaRF19891993OOTP Page
Vaughn MarbleC20532057OOTP Page
Dave MarcellaSP20152021OOTP Page
Luca MarcianoMR19891991OOTP Page
Kaden Marciniak2B20512054OOTP Page
Mitch Marcinkowski+1B20492060OOTP Page
Freddy MarcouxSP20172017OOTP Page
Caden MarcusMonkSP19781980OOTP Page
Ed Marcus1B19781980OOTP Page
Mat MarcusRF20182026OOTP Page
Seth MardisMR20412046OOTP Page
Tom Mare2B20242031OOTP Page
Pancho Mareira3B19781984OOTP Page
Vinny MaresLF20142014OOTP Page
Pat MargisMR20192024OOTP Page
Jamie MarguliesLF20152017OOTP Page
Dontell Maricic+SP20492057OOTP Page
Humberto MarinMR19791984OOTP Page
Leo MarinSP20192020OOTP Page
Levi MarinaccioSP20522052OOTP Page
William MarineoMR20352036OOTP Page
Dalton Maring1B20422047OOTP Page
Joe MarinoCL19851988OOTP Page
Dave MarionLF20332042OOTP Page
Earl MarioteSP19851985OOTP Page
Rick MarioteMR19781988OOTP Page
T.J. Maris2B19791987OOTP Page
James Mark2B20492049OOTP Page
Paul Markel2B19791987OOTP Page
Abe Markert2B20152017OOTP Page
Zev MarkichevC20442044OOTP Page
Jerry MarkmanCL20452058OOTP Page
Pat MarkusMR20222030OOTP Page
Gordie Markusen3B20392039OOTP Page
Don Marleau3B19931994OOTP Page
Jamie MarleyMR20232033OOTP Page
Jonah MarlinSP19781978OOTP Page
Pat MarlinLF19962008OOTP Page
Geoff MarlorSP20212026OOTP Page
Kaleb Marlow2B20172024OOTP Page
Layne MarmolPintoCF20392056OOTP Page
Sal MarmolejoMR20062009OOTP Page
Micah MarnSP20192023OOTP Page
Mauro MaroalesSP19781991OOTP Page
Joey MarohnicJaybirdSP20162024OOTP Page
Tom Maroney2B20182022OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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