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PlayerNicknamePosFromToOOTP Link
Seth Faber+SlickSP20572060OOTP Page
Sawyer FabingMR20422045OOTP Page
Farid FabreSP20332037OOTP Page
Mel FagniniSP20292041OOTP Page
Pat FaheySP20312040OOTP Page
Marcus Fahr+3B20592060OOTP Page
Ian FainDivineSP20022010OOTP Page
Bill FairclothSP19821993OOTP Page
Derrek FairlambCF19901990OOTP Page
Curt FairlessCF19981998OOTP Page
Edgar FajardoMR20022022OOTP Page
Willie FajardoHammerhandSP20122027OOTP Page
Angelo FalconieriMR19972011OOTP Page
Tony Falfan3B20102020OOTP Page
J.D. FalkeCF20202021OOTP Page
Joseph FallahMailmanMR20402043OOTP Page
Bill FallonLF19781989OOTP Page
John FallonSP20232027OOTP Page
Fred FalloonLF20312043OOTP Page
Ron FallsLF20092019OOTP Page
Pat FalveyMR20152023OOTP Page
Garry Fanalua+MR20502060OOTP Page
Tom Fanning2B20352035OOTP Page
Brad FanshaweLF19781980OOTP Page
Robby FantMR20112011OOTP Page
Tom FarberC20182027OOTP Page
Odílio FareloLF19781987OOTP Page
Connor Farid2B20572058OOTP Page
Jakoby Farla2B20432045OOTP Page
Tommy FarlessExorcist1B20112023OOTP Page
Dave Farmer2B19992011OOTP Page
Israel Farmer2B20512054OOTP Page
Jamie FarmerSS20242024OOTP Page
Mel FarmerSP19921996OOTP Page
Wes FarmerRF19931998OOTP Page
Broderick FarquharsonSP20022012OOTP Page
Collin FarrarC20472050OOTP Page
Glen FarrellMR19882001OOTP Page
Jimmy FarrellLF20192024OOTP Page
Charles FarrisLF20342045OOTP Page
Gil FarrisC20152024OOTP Page
Tom FarrisSP20092017OOTP Page
Jarod FarrowLF20152022OOTP Page
Nicolau FarturaMR19881994OOTP Page
Mandela Faruq+CF20572060OOTP Page
Steve FasolaDum DumCL20282039OOTP Page
Erik Faught2B20242024OOTP Page
Grady Faulkner+LF20542060OOTP Page
Pat FaulknerCF19932000OOTP Page
Nicolás FaurrietaRF19801988OOTP Page
Dave FaustC20142016OOTP Page
Mason FazioRF20552055OOTP Page
J.D. Fazlic1B20242036OOTP Page
Kamau FazliuLF20502054OOTP Page
Dave Fears1B20222022OOTP Page
Xavier FearsMR20292036OOTP Page
Joseph Fedak2B20412043OOTP Page
Bailey FederCL20492059OOTP Page
Pat FeeneySP20222032OOTP Page
Tom FeeserCL20182019OOTP Page
John FehillyCF19831992OOTP Page
Tom FehringerRF20372041OOTP Page
Samuel FeiSP19821984OOTP Page
Jaden FeldmannSS20432051OOTP Page
Ismael FelicanoC19951995OOTP Page
A.J. FeliceCF20182026OOTP Page
Hector Feliciano1B20022019OOTP Page
Carlomagno Felico2B19871990OOTP Page
Armando FelipeSS20062012OOTP Page
David FelixMR19942003OOTP Page
E.J. FeltonMR20292036OOTP Page
Kareem FeltonSS20352036OOTP Page
Pat Femrite3B20202023OOTP Page
J.R. FenechSP20282043OOTP Page
Tom FentonSP20252027OOTP Page
James FerberSS20372042OOTP Page
Jonas FerdmanMR20402054OOTP Page
Joe Ferebee+SP20572060OOTP Page
Bobby Ferguson+SP20512060OOTP Page
Ed FergusonSS19781986OOTP Page
Ernie FergusonMR19911994OOTP Page
Gene FergusonSP19971997OOTP Page
Nate FergusonCF19871993OOTP Page
Scot FergusonSS19951996OOTP Page
Shane FergusonMR20102021OOTP Page
Incendio FernadezCL19781983OOTP Page
Eli FernandezLF20202025OOTP Page
Leo FernandezSP20002000OOTP Page
Melvin FernandezSP20112014OOTP Page
Víctor Fernández2B19861998OOTP Page
Dave FerneyhoughWonder BoyMR20092017OOTP Page
Enrique FerreiraCF19992007OOTP Page
Bill FerrellTorchC19781979OOTP Page
Colton FerrellSP20422044OOTP Page
Gage FerrellSS20472048OOTP Page
Jerry FerrellSP19871993OOTP Page
Lynwood FerrisSS19951997OOTP Page
Tyler FerrisLF20362037OOTP Page
Noel Fetter+SP20542060OOTP Page
Curt Fewings3B19941997OOTP Page
Rafe FiallosC19791979OOTP Page
Tom FianoRF20252029OOTP Page
Havelock FibichRF20382038OOTP Page
Braden FiedlerSP20432046OOTP Page
Ernie FieldsSP20122018OOTP Page
Jared FieldsSP19861989OOTP Page
Sean FieldsSS20272027OOTP Page
Tommy FieldsSS20272033OOTP Page
Travis FieldsSP20092010OOTP Page
Mauricio FierroMR19991999OOTP Page
Agustín FigueroaMR19921997OOTP Page
Eddie FigueroaMongooseRF20282031OOTP Page
Ricky FigueroaHeartthrob2B20252043OOTP Page
Montes FiguproaMR19781979OOTP Page
Dusty FilarLF20142026OOTP Page
Lanny FinbowSP19941999OOTP Page
Roy Finbow1B19811987OOTP Page
Dave FinchMR20302035OOTP Page
Dave FinchSP20332034OOTP Page
Tom FineMR20232024OOTP Page
Eddie FinfrockSP20472051OOTP Page
Benjamin FinkMR19891994OOTP Page
Ian FinkDerangedSP20062016OOTP Page
Pat FinkCL20072018OOTP Page
Dave FinkelsteinC20212022OOTP Page
Erik Finkler1B20042012OOTP Page
Dave Finlay2B20262037OOTP Page
Chas FinleyC20452057OOTP Page
Garrek FinnLF20162022OOTP Page
Eli Finnell+C20572058OOTP Page
Fritz FinnertyBig DogRF20382047OOTP Page
Dave FinneySP20262039OOTP Page
Gary FioroliSP20402053OOTP Page
Russ FirestoneSP19791980OOTP Page
Tate FiscellaSP20382038OOTP Page
Alexandre FischerSP20392043OOTP Page
Gabriel FischerBuzzardSS20422054OOTP Page
Harry Fischer+1B20602060OOTP Page
Travis Fish2B20092014OOTP Page
Ben FisherMR19781986OOTP Page
Brian Fisher+1B20552055OOTP Page
Chris FisherSS20222022OOTP Page
Dave FisherLF20262038OOTP Page
Fitzpatrick Fisher1B20342041OOTP Page
Herman FisherSP19831989OOTP Page
John Fisher3B19801993OOTP Page
Robbie FisherMR20462047OOTP Page
Tommy FisherSP20022002OOTP Page
Travis FisherOld NickSP19982012OOTP Page
D.T. FittsSP19831989OOTP Page
Louie Fitzgerald3B20342037OOTP Page
Pete FitzgeraldSP19892005OOTP Page
Shawn FitzgeraldMR19941997OOTP Page
Cole Fitzpatrick2B20552055OOTP Page
Jacob FitzpatrickCF20492051OOTP Page
Tyler FitzpatrickLF20052014OOTP Page
Wes FitzpatrickC19922000OOTP Page
Larry FitzsymonsCF19851993OOTP Page
Pat FiumeRF20242032OOTP Page
Ted FjeldRF20322034OOTP Page
Cato Flaig+C20512060OOTP Page
Al Flanagan+1B20462060OOTP Page
Brad FlanaganMR19951995OOTP Page
Chad Flanigan+FurySP20532060OOTP Page
Dave FlatlandSS20232027OOTP Page
Ron FleigC20242035OOTP Page
Al FlemingSP19871988OOTP Page
Jeremiah FlemingLF20022003OOTP Page
Jerry Fleming+MR20592060OOTP Page
Wesley FlemingCL20502052OOTP Page
Zack Fleming+SP20532060OOTP Page
Logan FleshmanSP20492052OOTP Page
Jim FletcherSP19831991OOTP Page
Steven FletcherRF20122021OOTP Page
Joey Fleury+MR20452060OOTP Page
Wade Flint2B20042018OOTP Page
Anton FloresMR20452047OOTP Page
Carlis FloresLF20552055OOTP Page
Carlos FloresSS19801987OOTP Page
Chris FloresMR19972012OOTP Page
Daniel FloresMR20132019OOTP Page
Danny Flores3B20032003OOTP Page
Diego Flores1B20032019OOTP Page
Enrique Flores3B19982006OOTP Page
Gregg Flores+LF20522058OOTP Page
Joe FloresLF19851989OOTP Page
Jon FloresMR19972008OOTP Page
Leo FloresSP20062017OOTP Page
Nick Flores2B20082014OOTP Page
Victor FloresLF20062009OOTP Page
Vinny FloresC20102024OOTP Page
Brendan FlowersJesterC20222026OOTP Page
Conner Flowers+SP20592060OOTP Page
Eddie FlowersLF19781985OOTP Page
Hamilton FlowersMR19801980OOTP Page
Roy FlowersMR20412051OOTP Page
Seth Floyd+3B20462060OOTP Page
Brad FlynnCF19942003OOTP Page
Jeff FlynnSP19781991OOTP Page
Joseph Flynn+1B20562060OOTP Page
+ = active player
Bold = Hall of Famer
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